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Readers Respond: Daylight Saving Time Confusion

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no biggie

Apparently I'm the only one in the world that absolutely loves the end of dst when you start waking up and you realize you have another hour to snuggle in with spouses/kids/pets.
—Guest kristen

How about a little scientific validation

Personally, I think Daylight Savings Time is a pain in the ass that serves no useful purpose. But since we claim to be a rational country that makes reality-based decisions, why don't we commission a definitive study to FIND OUT if it actually saves energy, or just causes twice-yearly confusion and lack of sleep?
—Guest Cynndara

To Simple Fix

Great idea. Changing clocks around twice a year is ridiculous. The 1/2 hour method makes perfect sense. I am afraid that the government is too stupid to see this one though.
—Guest Gerry

DST: Dumb Dumber

Look, the amount of daylight , while it changes seasonally, is still the same amount of daylight. Pick a time and stick with it. If you need to change your business hours, then do so. I used to work from 4AM to Noon in the summer so as to not work during the heat of the day. In the winter, I adjusted to more 'normal' working hours. I did not insist that the rest of the country switch with me.
—Guest k9dancer

DST Forever!

I vote for permanent DST or even doubling it to DDST. It makes more sense with the hectic schedules most of us live.
—Guest Pigletsmomma


DST gives people who like to complain, something to bitch about. Without it they would implode!
—Guest Testy

How does this work???

I never understood how changing a clock can save any daylight, the day is as long as it is! What daylight saving time does: Wreaks havoc with sleep patterns, bio-rhythms, and makes everybody crazy for a couple of weeks twice a year. The savings can't be measured, but with electic lighting everywhere, I no one pays any attention to the sunlight when they are doing their indoor activities. Daylight Saving Time is obsolete and should be abolished!
—Guest Randy G


There is no evidence whatsoever the putting the clock back one hour on November 7, will save energy, fuel, and consumption of resources. In fact its the opposite. At 5 pm when it becomes night, more light and energy is used. And when you wake up in the dark at 6 am, again more light and energy is used. The goal should be to rise with the sun, to save energy and end work when sun sets -- that saves power. The idea of dark at 6 pm and 6 am is the worst exploitation of power and resources. It also screws up people's moods because they feel uncomfortable with day so short.
—Guest jor


I agreed with the half way approach until I thought about it. We get so caught up with trying to improve and change everything. This might be a time for restraint. Save ourselves from needless change and continue with daylight savings because that's what we've done in the past, it's what we're used to... Tradition.
—Guest Ron


Exactly as Rusty posted and contrary to the article text, there is no saving energy whatever. It does make the day "longer" - something like cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it to the other to make it longer. Yeah, not so much. So let's rename it to what it really is - The Revenge Of The Morning People. Yeah, they could get up whenever they want, but that's not good enough - they have to force everyone else to get up with them. One of the stupidest ideas ever. I had a paper route in Arizona the first time this goofy plan was enacted. Nearly everyone there hated it - lasted one season and was gone. Would that such wisdom would permeate the entire country - let the Euroweenies screw up their lives with this nonsense and leave us alone!
—Guest Dazzled

Excessive stressing disables the public

Once they said it was for victory gardens. Now it is to 'save' energy ? Let's see. Dark in the a.m. burn more lights and endanger more kids on the bus routes. Someone and their pipe dream justified bad science and other dreamers agreeded. This is out of hand. And having a new day every year? Tich Tich.
—Guest Mart

Looking forward to Standard Time

Very hard to get up in the morning when the stars are still out at 6:00! I'm a banker, and my hours are 8:00 to 5:00. So by the time I get home at 5:45 it's already too dark to do anything outside. When I went to girls camp in the 1950's, we stayed on Standard Time so the little kids could go to sleep at a decent hour. When I had a horse, time change was a pain in the neck. My grandfather wisely advised that the horse's feeding schedule should be changed by only 5-10 minutes a day unti we got the full hour in.
—Guest Sue


I don't see the purpose or time saved. I lived in Indiana for several years and we never changed our time. It is very stressful on the body to mess with the time. We are not the agricultural society that we once were. It appears to waste energy in the early morning hours
—Guest B Moon

21st Century information.

Computers and all electronic equipment is used 24 hours a day for years. There is no saving any electric any more. Let's move forward. This is the 21st Century!!
—Guest Louise

DST=Hotter evenings

Here in Texas all it means is we have to run our air conditioners harder and longer into the evening hours. Watching the electric bill climb higher. Wish Texas would scrap the idea all together!
—Guest Texas

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