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Readers Respond: Will You Fill Out the Census 2010 Form?

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From the article: Census 2010
While the decennial census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution, many people feel as though the census questions beyond the number of people in your household are an invasion of privacy and information that the government has no right to know. With the upcoming Census 2010, how do you feel about the new short census form and will you fill it out? What are your reasons for filling out the form or for not filling out the form?

Suspect Everything

I did not fill out the long form. I looked it over. I already filled out the short form. The long form did not say Census. It said The American Community Survey. From the census. That is not a census. They already knew my name, they mailed the form to me. They already had my number because they called me. What does it matter if I'm male or female? If I give my age, why do they need my birthday? I'm sick of the ethnic questions. All the Housing questions are readily available from the county. What business is it of theirs how much I spend on utilities or my mortgage payments. Or how long I've worked or what time I leave for work. The questions are way over the top.
—Guest Zak

I gave them nothing Told 'em GO TO HELL

One of these Census Nazis actually followed me as I drove away for 2 blocks i could see him behind me....i went back to the house .and he pulled up behind me in the driveway

Idiot Census Taker

I had a census taker come to my home when I wasnt home, with a big husky Dog in his car. My loveable black labs wanted to play with his dog. He went to the police and filed a complaint that my dogs attacked him and now I am being sued for scratches on his girlfriends car door. He borrowed a car and took his dog with thim to serve the people. (Makes sense to him , I assume) He is saying my dogs did this. With a big husky, I say his dog did it. I have 2 witnesses. (My dogs say they didnt do it) what an idiot going to peoples homes with a dog in his car. My dogs have a shock fence with collars and never leave our yard and never attach anyone. I will be seeing him in court. The census takers should not take children or pets with them while working. Jesus....What an idiot Census Taker...

Keith A. Lindsey, MBA

For those of you who question why someone would not completely fill out their census form, may I kindly remind you that the purpose of the census is enumeration ONLY! All those other questions are simply to fill their databases. I answered the first two, and verified those first two with the worker who came to my doorstep. I absolutely refused to answer anything more than that because the rest had nothing to do with enumeration.
—Guest Keith A. Lindsey, MBA


I filled it out when I got it and sent it back. It's no big deal. As an American I asked, why not fill it out.
—Guest Lucy Packer

Unnecessary Knowledge

Although I am normally compliant and respectful to our laws and rules in this country, I feel no obligation to answer any of the questions in the "Housing" section of the latest 2010 Census. I can understand why the government would want/need information on individuals in order to weed out illegal immigrants, wanted criminals, etc, but I WILL NOT divulge information on my household. It is no one's business but my own how many bedrooms my home has, how many I use as bedrooms, what my cost in utilities are, or how much property I own, to name a few absurd requests. It is a passive invasion of privacy, since without a warrent it is illegal to search through your home, they can always ask you, kinda like in those CSI shows where they give the suspect a beverage in a glass so they can get the fingerprints off of it. So keep sending out those wasted forms Census people. As the late Mitch Hedberg once said, it's like they're saying, "Here, you throw this away."
—Guest Sick of This

Census still in door

I don't think you have to fill out this census form, they just left it in the door where it's still at. No one has returned or called again, but my neighbor said they questioned him on who lived here, I guess they filled it out for me. Is there a way to check and see if they filled it out? Maybe they did it for others, too. The reason on wanting to know of spanish origin is to hire spanish teachers to TEACH US how to read all these signs and labels in spanish. (Only in the Good Ole USA)
—Guest Mava

Dear Mr. Census Worker...

I have had them endlessly harass me on the phone after I filled the form out 2xs and talked to someone they sent to my door.... anyway, i thought i would turn it into something funny. Please read... http://itsgrindingmygears.blogspot.com/2010/06/dear-mr-census-worker.html
—Guest holly

Are you all stupid?

You guys are all stupid. They give the exact reason why they are requesting the information, on the form and a further explaination on this website which you are all posting on. Further I would like to point out that several of you are saying that they already have this information why do they need it again. They don't need it again, they want it again to help simplify things. Most of you on here are idiots, and if you had just simply done what they asked by filling out a form with some information that any person who is here legally should have no problem giving, then you would have been able to help with government spending and make the best difference any of you have ever been able to do with your pathetic lives. Honestly the government doesn't care if you hate them for this, they just want to consolidate information and it may take a little bit submission before that happens, but who cares. Are you really going to stand up to someone who can detain you for 3 days without cause?
—Guest Logan


The more our Congressmen know about the people they serve, the better decisions they should be able to make. If you have nothing to hide, why not comply?
—Guest ruby

After 6 visits....

I decided to call and make an appointment with the census worker, who I had seen knocking on my door every time. Seemed like he was going to keep coming, and I didn't want those notes on my door while I was on vacation - that makes it so obvious that no one is home. Turns out he was one of my neighbors! OOOPS Nice older guy - but if he had looked strange, I definitely wouldn't have answered. That's one of the problems with this process. If they had actually mailed me a form, I would have sent it in right away.
—Guest FinallyDONE

an honor to comply

Honestly, I'm going to fill out anything the Census ask me to fill out. My children go to public schools and I drive on public roads and it's my duty as an american citizen to do so. As far as I'm concerned, if your don't want to fill it out then stay the heck off of our roads that the government pays for and send your children to private schools. Also everything on the form can be found on a DL. so what is the big deal?
—Guest Jonathan

Number of Residents Only

I fulfilled my legal obligation to the government with the actual census form. I filled in the number of residents, and even went so far as to give our ages and race. Mailed it back without reading the rest. I received the community survey but was under the impression that it was not required by law, so have not returned it. I just received a phone call to complete the survey. I was told by Suzie Sunshine that it is government madated as well. Is that true? I told her 2 people live here, and that was all she needed to know. I will mail the survey Monday with the same info that I provided for the census; 2 people live here. They need no further information.
—Guest Michelle

this is ridiculous

I already filled out my census and this guy is pounding on my door. Called the center to ask why and they said some of the forms got jammed in the machine and the staff hasn't counted all the returned forms so I may have to do it again. What is up with this ineffective, money wasting, administration. I am not opening my door to someone who pounds. I have no reason to fill out two forms and in fact, the census tells you NOT to do it twice.
—Guest ThirdPartyVote

Stop Callin, Stop Callin

Recd the census form, completed, sent in. Case closed. NOOO...now census survey calling day and night! Told rep I already particiapated to refer to form. Smart alec said if I didn't answer the phone survey, they would keep calling intil I do. Fat chance. Now when the # comes up, I hang up.
—Guest Pa

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