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Readers Respond: How to Divide North America?

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Many have had ideas of how to divide North America into new and different countries or nations (here, here, and here for example) but I wanted to hear what my readers had to say. How would you divide North America or the United States into new nations or states?


The Northwest, Greenland and Alaska should merge with Canada, the Southwest should merge with Mexico, New England should merge with England, Hawaii should merge with New Zealand (Polynesia), Florida should merge with Cuba. Remaining states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina. The Midwest, the Southeast (excluding Florida), and the Northeast (excluding New England).
—Guest Christian Alexander Tietgen


Greenland joins the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alaska as one Innuit country. Quebec and Labrador merge as one country. The rest of Canada joins the Democrat voting states of the United States to become a modern Western European style democracy - we'll call it USB. USA will be the remaining states, basically the backward, federal welfare-guzzling, sin-ridden Republican states of the Old Confederacy and a few other miscreant states. Central American countries will merge and join Mexico (if and when it straightens out politically), the Spanish speaking countries of the Caribbean form one country, the English speaking countries form another, the rest will choose as they please except Haiti, a failed state and a failed nation, which becomes a ward of the UN.
—Guest Barry


National Geographic would love it! Ever notice when you read one of their articles, how sometimes the writer will make a comment regarding what would have happened if this country or that country were part of a greater influence. After all, look what happened in Eastern Europe after the break-up of the USSR. How many countries regained their independence after how many years? Also how many of them are now in an economic shambles because they don't have the greater good to pull from. Howmuch better off would we be better off if some of our states merged and made a larger one. Prime example, I live in a relatively medium size city in an East Coast state. Around us are 8 more cities, each fighting for a slice of the dwindling government budget. If we were to form a mega-city, look at how much more clout we would have as a unified group operating under a common name instesa of the individual cities we are now. Whether we do it in my lifetime or not, I do believ it will eventually happen.
—Guest Donnie


Quebec should become an independent State. The rest of Canada and Greenland should merge with the U.S.A. Mexico should absorb all of its smaller neighbours.

other nations

12. Anahuac. Mexico City, most of Michoacan, States of Mexico, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Tlaxcala, Morelos, Puebla, Hidalgo. Capital: México City. 13. Southern Gulf. States of Veracruz and Tabasco. Capital. Xalapa. 14. Maya Nation. States of Chiapas, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Guatemala, Belice and part of Honduras and El Salvador. Capital: Merida. 15. South Pacific. States of Guerrero and Oaxaca. Capital: Oaxaca. 16. Central America. Parts of Honduras and El Salvador. Besides Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Capital: San Jose. The whole Great Americansixteen nation

New division proposed.

1. New England. Capital: Boston 2. Foundry. Capital: Detroit 3. Breadbasket. Capital: Kansas City 4. Ecotopia. Capital: San Francisco 5. Empty Quarter. Capital: Denver 6. Dixie. Capital: Atlanta 7. Quebec. Capital: Quebec 8. Gulf. Southern parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama. The state of Florida, all of the caribean islands. Capital: Miami 9. Aztlán. Southern, San Joaquin Valley, southern parts of Nevada, Utah and Colorado. The State of Arizona and the western part of New Mexico. The States of Sonora and Baja California. Capital: San Diego. 10. Coahuila y Texas. Southern Texas, The States of Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosi, and the northern part of Zacatecas. Capital: Monterrey. 11. Old Trail. Eastern part of New Mexico, Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa. 10. New Galicia. Southern part of Zacatecas, The states of Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima, part of the state of Michoacan (Ciénega of Chapala Lake). Capital: Guadalajara

Give it back?

what about giving it back to the original natives from whom it was stolen?
—Guest Animal X

two countries

I'd divide in into countries. The liberals can have their choice of states. The conservatives get the rest. I'd then encourage all the liberals to move to their country, and all the conservatives to move to theirs. Then we'd see in 50 years which country was still here.
—Guest eiblis

Divide Texas first

When Texas was admitted into the Union it was supposed to be divided into three states. This was never done. Why not start the dividing of the US by dividing Texas into three states: East Texas, North Texas and Southwest Texas.

45 North American Nations

In all reality, I wouldn't change North America, but if I had to I would have: Alaska (Alaska, British Columblia, and Yukon) {Capital: Vancouver} Mackenzie (Northwest Territories){Capital:Yellowknife} Nunavut (Capital at Iqaluit) Cascadia (Northern California, Oregon, and Washington) {Capital: Seattle} Idaho (Idaho, Western Montana, Northwest Wyoming) {Capital: Idaho Falls} Nevada (Nevada and Utah) {Capital: Salt Lake City} Mesospania (Southern California, southern New Mexico, S. Arizona, South Texas) Cabo (Northwest Mexico and Baja California) {Capital: cabo San Lucas} Texas (Texas north of San Antonio) {Capital: Dallas} Colorado (Colorado and Northern NM) {Capital: Denver} Chihuahua (NE Mexico) {Capital: Monterrey} Louisiana (Capital at New Orleans) Arkouri (Arkansas and MO) {Capital: St. Louis} Lakia (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana) {Capital: Milwaukee} Minniowa (MN and Iowa) {Capital: Minneapolis} Plania (Kansas, OK, and Nebraska) Capital at Tulsa
—Guest Matthew


I agree with Rhodarick's question, above. What about Guadalajara? Let us not limit ourselves to Garreau's book.
—Guest Anita

divide or not

it should remain same as it is now. It would not have any effect but a mess for people who are familiar with the current geographic information of north america. Just let it go on as it is.
—Guest mohsin

How to Divide North America

Don't! Parochialism will always exist. Perhaps more cultural programs could be produced highlighting different aspects of the various North America region. Many people do not have the opportunity, time or means to travel extensively throughout the continent, therefore the knowledge of one's own backyard becomes prevalent and biased.
—Guest Assoc9069

Expand the List

I would put in an Appalachian "Nation" stretching from NE Alabama up to the Adirondacks. The capital here would be something like Charlestown, WV (or even Knoxville, TN). The eastern part of the foundry would become the NE corridor "Nation" (capital = New York City) stretching from Philadelphia up to Albany and western Connecticut. I might add the western part of New Brunswick to Quebec. Mexico City and most of the the country of Mexico whould be another "Nation". Mexamerica would be retricted more to border areas and those areas of the U.S. that are dominated by people of a Mexican heritage.

X nations of North America

For the last decade through my RV travels I've tried to draw attention to how different we are, attacking the old liberal shibboleth that "we're all the same". The differences between regions and places underscores how parochial our view of the world generally is -- being extrapolated from our familiar local surroundings and acquaintances. Parochial perspectives, politically and culturally, is unavoidable and we're all prone to it. We need to recognize it as a personal limitation, appreciate how narrow our view is of the world, and be more tolerant of other perspectives. The unwarranted pride that people have in their place and disdain for others needs to be checked. I find that Nine Nations is at a more useful scale for this consideration than the county-scale of Patchwork Nation though both raise interesting questions of the discontinuity between adjacent areas. Matt, I hope you will explore cultural regional geography more in your site.
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