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Articles related to international conflicts

Korean Peninsula Tensions and Conflict - Geography - About.com
Dec 29, 2010 ... Korean Conflict: Read this article to learn about the conflict between North and South Korea. Learn about the history of conflict on the Korean Peninsula, the ... Climate Change and Global Issues · Geography of the Earth ...
The League of Nations - Geography - About.com
The League of Nations had the diplomatic, compassionate goal of generating permanent international stability, but the organization was unable to avert conflicts ...
Major Wars and Conflicts of the 20th Century - 20th Century History
The 20th century was dominated by wars and conflicts. Some of these, like World War I and World War II, were large enough to encompass nearly the entire ...
Wars and Conflicts of the 20th Century
Here's a Timeline of Major Conflicts and Wars that Shaped the 20th Century · A chronological list of the major wars and conflicts of the 20th century. Share ...
Meaning of Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) - US Military - About.com
A part of public international law, LOAC regulates the conduct of armed hostilities . It also aims to protect civilians, prisoners of war, the wounded, sick, and ...
Women and Conflict Management in Africa - Women's History
Africa Leadership Forum Africa Women's Forum Third International Conference on "Women and Conflict Management in Africa" Keynote speech by. Angela E.V.  ...
Wars and Battles Throughout History
Throughout history, conflicts have been solved by wars. .... The first truly global conflict, it saw Britain and France duel for colonial empires while Prussia fought ...
International Security Assistance Force - Military History - About.com
Authorized by the UN Security Council in December 2001, the International Security Assistance ... Current Conflicts: International Security Assistance Force.
The Bible and War - About.com
The Bible and War. What do the Scriptures teach about the morality of international conflicts? By Sam O'Neal · The Bible Expert. Share this ...
1970s Timeline - History Timeline of the 1970s - 20th Century History
... Medical Advances & Issues · Photographs · Scientific Discoveries · Timelines · Wars & Conflicts · Blog · People · Events · Decade by Decade · Updated Articles ...
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