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ZIP Codes

Find ZIP Codes for any location in the United States, find information about that ZIP Code, and find out the history and use of ZIP Codes.

State Abbreviations
The two letter postal code state abbreviations for every state and territory in the United States.

You Are Where You Live
The Claritas demographic and marketing system PRIZM NE sorts the ZIP Codes of the United States into 66 different fascinating demographic clusters for marketing purposes.

Find All Cities in a ZIP Code
Type in a ZIP Code and obtain a listing of city or community names associated with that ZIP Code, from the United States Postal Service. Sometimes also provides a listing of not acceptable place names for the ZIP Code.

Free ZIP Code Lookup
Enter a ZIP Code into this site's search box and determine county name, time zone, area code, and more.

Search by Address
The United States Postal service provides this free online search utility to locate the correct ZIP Code for any address in the United States.

ZIP Code History
Part of a larger history of the U.S. Postal Service, this section of the document provides a thorough history of the ZIP (Zoning Improvement Plan) Code.

ZIP Code Tables and Buggy Whips: Relics of the Past
A great column all about why ZIP Codes should not be used for mapping or demographics.

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