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Largest Cities in the European Union

List of the Ten Largest Cities by City Population in the European Union


Photo of Harrod's in London

A photo of the huge flagship Harrod's department store in London. London is the largest city in the European Union.

Matt Rosenberg
Updated July 01, 2014

The European Union is a collection of 27 different member states from all over Europe. The goal of the EU is to create a political and economic community across Europe and as such, there are trade and government agreements throughout the EU and most of its member states have adopted a single currency, the euro.

The total population of the European Union is 501,064,211 (2010 estimate) but the sizes of the countries participating in the EU vary as does the size of the cities within those countries. Large countries like France with global cities like Paris are EU members, as are small countries like Malta.

The following is a list of the 10 largest cities based on the city population in the European Union. For reference, the country of which the city is a part has also been included.

1) London
Population: 7,556,900 (2007 estimate)
Country: United Kingdom

2) Berlin
Population: 3,440,441 (2010 estimate)
Country: Germany

3) Madrid
Population: 3,255,944 (2009 estimate)
Country: Spain

4) Rome
Population: 2,756,502 (2010 estimate)
Country: Italy

5) Paris
Population: 2,203,817 (2007 estimate)
Country: France

6) Bucharest
Population: 1,944,367 (2010 estimate)
Country: Romania

7) Hamburg
Population: 1,773,218 (2008 estimate)
Country: Germany

8) Budapest
Population: 1,721,556 (2010 estimate)
Country: Hungary

9) Vienna
Population: 1,712,903 (2010 estimate)
Country: Austria

10) Warsaw
Population: 1,711,466 (2009 estimate)
Country: Poland


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