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States Bordering the Mississippi River

List of the Ten States with Borders Along the Mississippi River


Mississippi River

Mississippi River

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The Mississippi River is the largest system of rivers in the United States and it is the world's fourth largest river system. In total the river is 2,320 miles (3,734 km) long and its drainage basin covers an area of 1,151,000 square miles (2,981,076 sq km). The source of the Mississippi River is Lake Itasca in Minnesota and the mouth of the river is the Gulf of Mexico. There are also a number of large and small tributaries of the river, some of which include the Ohio, Missouri and Red Rivers (map).

In total the Mississippi River drains about 41% of the U.S. and borders ten different states. The following is a list of the ten states bordering the Mississippi River in order from north to south. For reference, the area, population and capital city of each state has been included. All population and area information was obtained from Infoplease.com and population estimates are from July 2009.

1) Minnesota
Area: 79,610 square miles (206,190 sq km)
Population: 5,226,214
Capital: St. Paul

2) Wisconsin
Area: 54,310 square miles (140,673 sq km)
Population: 5,654,774
Capital: Madison

3) Iowa
Area: 56,272 square miles (145,743 sq km)
Population: 3,007,856
Capital: Des Moines

4) Illinois
Area: 55,584 square miles (143,963 sq km)
Population: 12,910,409
Capital: Springfield

5) Missouri
Area: 68,886 square miles (178,415 sq km)
Population: 5,987,580
Capital: Jefferson City

6) Kentucky
Area: 39,728 square miles (102,896 sq km)
Population: 4,314,113
Capital: Frankfort

7) Tennessee
Area: 41,217 square miles (106,752 sq km)
Population: 6,296,254
Capital: Nashville

8) Arkansas
Area: 52,068 square miles (134,856 sq km)
Population: 2,889,450
Capital: Little Rock

9) Mississippi
Area: 46,907 square miles (121,489 sq km)
Population: 2,951,996
Capital: Jackson

10) Louisiana
Area: 43,562 square miles (112,826 sq km)
Population: 4,492,076
Capital: Baton Rouge


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