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Time and Time Zones

Information and resources about time, sunrise, sunset, and time zones. Find out the exact time in your city or around the world, learn about Daylight Saving Time, time zones, and much more.

Prime Meridian
Learn about the establishment of the prime meridian in Greenwich, London, United Kingdom in 1884 and how it has impacted longitude and time to this day, from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.

March 20 Equinox
Learn about the March equinox, March 20, the day that Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall begins in the Southern Hemisphere, from the About.com Geography GuideSite.

All about the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England, United Kingdom, which is the Prime Meridian of the world, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

GMT vs. UTC - An Overview of GMT and UTC
An overview of GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, and UTC, Coordinated Universal Time, and how they came about and how they differ, from your About.com expert Guide to Geography.

Fall - An Overview of the Fall, Autumn, and September Equinox
An overview of the September equinox, which is also known as fall or autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Learn about fall from your About.com expert Guide to Geography.

Time Zones - Overview of Time Zones
Learn about the history and development of time zones worldwide. Time zones are standardized around the world. An overview of time zones from your About.com expert Guide to Geography.

Offset Time Zones - An Overview of Offset Time Zones
Offset time zones are time zones that are a half-hour or even fifteen minutes off of nearby standard time zones.

Gregorian Calendar
While Julius Caesar's Julian calendar proved useful, it was inaccurate. Learn all about the change to the Gregorian calendar of 1582, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Daylight Saving Time
Everything you ever wanted to know about "spring forward, fall back."

International Date Line
Find out how the International Date Line works along with the 24 time zones of the world.

Kiribati International Date Line Change
Learn about Kiribati's 1995 unilateral shifting of the International Date Line to cover the entire country to keep the entire island country in one day.

The Longest Day of the Year
The summer solstice is the longest day in the year but it's not the day of earliest sunrise or sunset - learn more about this intriguing occurrence, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

American Time Zone Map
A detailed county-level map of the time zones of the United States.

Worldtime Buddy
This simple but great site makes it easy to see the time in numerous time zones. It's quite handy for planning an online meeting or conference call for individuals in numerous time zones.

Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day
Determine sun and moon rise and set for places around the world.

Earth Viewer
An amazing Java-based site that not only shows current areas of light and darkness on the earth (in both map and globe formats), this site also provides animations of diurnal and seasonal changes.

Sunrise, Sunset, Dawn and Dusk Times Around the World
This fantastic site provides awesome graphs showing the length of daylight and darkness for cities around the world.

The Official U.S. Time
Obtain the official time in any U.S. time zone or in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U.S. Naval Observatory.

A detailed and colorful time zone map along with the current time around the world in each of the time zones. Use the top menu for detailed time zone maps of the US, Europe, Russia, and other regions.

World Time Zone Map
A crisp black and white outline map clearly showing the world's time zones. Also available in PDF format for printing.

Daylight Saving Time Confusion
What was your most interesting Daylight Saving Time experience? Share your experience and read what others had to say about Daylight Saving Time.

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