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Are you a geographic trivia expert? If you are or would like to be, try these resources to help determine if you're at the top of your geographic game.

Learn all about the sport and activity known as geocaching, geocaching is a fun sport that involves finding hidden treasures through GPS. This article is from your expert About.com Geography GuideSite.

Geography Quizzes
Think you know geography? Test your talents with your Guide's collection of eight years' worth of five-question, multiple-choice Geography Quizzes.

Free Web Games
Three fantastic collections of geography-based games. My favorite game is the "Locate the State" game located within the "States Web Games" category. Have fun!

Geo Quiz
PRI's "The World" airs a daily geography quiz. This site offers the text of the quiz, as well as archived quizzes.

Geo Quiz Challenge
Try this interactive quiz from PRI's "The World," which consists of 10 random multiple-choice questions from a bank of 450. Unfortunately, odds are that once you play it 45 times you're likely to have seen all the questions.

GeoNet Game
I couldn't stop playing the GeoNet Game! It has hard and easy levels and several geography-related topics. Kids and adults will love the challenge from the multiple choice questions.

Test Your Geography Knowledge
Ten different tests provide you the name of a country or state and you have to click the correct one on an outline map. Lots of fun!

Geography Humor
Enjoy this online collection of geographical humor.

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