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Top Ten Reasons to Study Geography

A Humorous List of The Top Ten Reasons to Study Geography


Top Ten Reasons to Study Geography

President Barack Obama looks at a map donated to the White House by the National Geographic Society, in the Oval Office, June 10, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

White House/Pete Souza
Updated February 11, 2010
While this list of the top ten reasons to study geography, there is a more serious article answering the question Why Study Geography? here on this website.

10. You'll know the way to San Jose.

9. History will make a lot more sense.

8. You'll actually know where those coffee beans come from!

7. One of the most admired women in history, Mother Teresa, was a geography teacher.

6. Michael Jordan was a Geography major so you can be like Mike and make millions of dollars.

5. You might get to meet Alex Trebek.

4. You won't buy an Amtrak ticket from California to Hawaii.

3. You will be able to "find your way out of a paper bag".

2. You can catch Letterman's geography mistakes.

1. "Lost"? No way!

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