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Geography for Kids

Geography Resources for Kids


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My site includes a large collection of resources that are appropriate for children. This geography for kids page provides easy access to the best of my geography for kids resources.

Geography for Kids Resources

World Atlas - This online world atlas provides maps and information about every country and U.S. state. This resource is perfect for country or state reports for kids in geography class.

Preparing for the Geography Bee - The National Geography Bee is for kids in the fourth through eighth grade. Kids can learn about the Bee and how to prepare.

All About Geography - This article teaches kids the basics of geography and tells what geographers so.

Basic Earth Facts - This find page for kids includes a listing of fun facts about the planet earth.

Geography Frequently Asked Questions - This large collection of geographical questions and answers is sure to inspire and inform.

Timeline of Geographic History - Kids will find this timeline of important events in the world of geography useful.

Geography Quiz - While this quiz might be a challenge to most kids, the true geographic fanatic will appreciate the challenge!

U.S. State Capitals - This is a great resource for kids who need to memorize the state capitals for their geography class.

Capitals of Every Country - This listing is a great reference for kids studying the countries in geography class.

Geography Glossary - If, while studying geography, you find an unfamiliar term, look it up in the glossary of geography.

Geography 101 - Finally, this overview of geography provides a bunch of information about geography with links to articles all over my site.

I hope these resources help you and your kids learn geography!

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