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Google Maps

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The Bottom Line

Google Maps are incredible. They're very intuitive, well designed, interactive, and the search capabilities are amazing. While there are still some snags, the site is one to be utilized if you're looking for directions or maps of anyplace. Google Maps also provides aerial photos in impressive detail for many areas and traffic information for highways in major metropolitan areas.


  • Excellent search capabilities - very intuitive!
  • Visually appealing maps.
  • Maps include parks, airports, hospitals, malls, and other points of interest.
  • Aerial photos and traffic information are great additional features.


  • The site has problems understanding that you want to see a new region.
  • Sometimes ZIP Codes are needed to make the site understand.


  • Type in any unique place into the search, such as an address, a business name, an airport code, etc.
  • The resulting map will show options on the right-hand side with little balloon indicators.
  • Zoom the map on the left side or by using plus and minus buttons.
  • Zoom in for comprehensive street maps including almost every street name.
  • Obtaining directions to or from a location is easy by using the indicator balloon.
  • Type in a type of business like "pizza" and a ZIP Code and Google Maps will locate nearby options.
  • Pan by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse or by using the arrow keys.
  • Pan wide stretches of territory by using home, end, page up, and page down.
  • Type something like "Richmond, VA to Boston, MA" to get directions.
  • Spelling and capitalization doesn't count! Google Maps will correct.

Guide Review - Google Maps

Google Maps is the next generation in online mapping. Their search is smart and intuitive and one can search for just about anything - the name of a business or point of interest, an address, or a city and up will pop an attractive map. The map is easily panned and zoomed through mouse or keystrokes and the street names and road outlines are crisply displayed. Directions are clear and follow the roads in vivid lines. I'm thoroughly impressed. Google Maps is where I now go to map and address or for driving directions, they did a great job and I know the site will get even better!
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