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Seas of the Atlantic Ocean

List of the Ten Seas Surrounding the Atlantic Ocean


Atlantic Ocean

There are ten seas bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean is one of the world's five oceans. It is the second-largest behind the Pacific Ocean with a total area of 41,100,000 square miles (106,400,000 sq km). It covers about 23% of the Earth's surface and located mainly between the American continents and Europe and Africa. It also stretches north to south from Earth's Arctic region to the Southern Ocean. The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is 12,880 feet (3,926 m) but the deepest point in the ocean is the Puerto Rico Trench at -28,231 feet (-8,605 m).

The Atlantic Ocean is also similar to other oceans in that it shares borders with both continents and marginal seas. The definition of a marginal sea is an area of water that is a "partially enclosed sea adjacent to or widely open to the open ocean" (Wikipedia.org). The Atlantic Ocean shares borders with ten marginal seas. The following is a list of those seas arranged by area. All figures were obtained from Wikipedia.org unless otherwise noted.

1) Caribbean Sea
Area: 1,063,000 square miles (2,753,157 sq km)

2) Mediterranean Sea
Area: 970,000 square miles (2,512,288 sq km)

3) Hudson Bay
Area: 819,000 square miles (2,121,200 sq km)
Note: Figure obtained from the Encyclopedia Britannica

4) Norwegian Sea
Area: 534,000 square miles (1,383,053 sq km)

5) Greenland Sea
Area: 465,300 square miles (1,205,121 sq km)

6) Scotia Sea
Area: 350,000 square miles (906,496 sq km)

7) North Sea
Area: 290,000 square miles (751,096 sq km)

8) Baltic Sea
Area: 146,000 square miles (378,138 sq km)

9) Irish Sea
Area: 40,000 square miles (103,599 sq km)
Note: Figure obtained from the Encyclopedia Britannica

10) English Channel
Area: 29,000 square miles (75,109 sq km)


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