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Political Geography

Political geography covers all aspects of boundaries, country, state, and nation development, international organizations, diplomacy, internal divisions, voting, and so much more. It's a fascinating topic.

Overview of Political Geography
Learn about the history and development of the subdiscipline of political geography, which looks at the geography of internal and external political structures and borders.

Scotland's Referendum on Independence
Everything you wanted to know about Scotland's referendum in September 2014 to decide whether to become an independent country and independent from the United Kingdom after 300 years of unity.

Smallest Countries in the World
A photo gallery of the world's ten smallest countries in area.

Zomia - A Region Resisting Modern Statehood
Zomia, also known as the Southeast Asian massif, refers to an expansive, rugged swath of mainland Southeast Asia that have not been fully incorporated into nation-states.

Strait of Hormuz

The Strait of Hormuz is a strategically important strait or narrow strip of water that links the Persian Gulf with the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.

Divided Islands
Learn about islands divided between two or more countries. Divided islands are challenging to govern and potentially stoke international conflict.

United Nations Security Council Members
A listing of the members of the United Nations Security Council. Find out which countries the UN Security Council members, from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.

The Falkland Island Situation
Learn about this history of the dispute between the United Kingdom and Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

World Bank
Learn about the World Bank’s history, how it works, its future goals and criticisms.

What is the G-20?
Discover the answer to the question - what is the G-20 - obtain a list of the G20 countries here.

The League of Nations
An overview of The League of Nations, an international organization that existed between 1920 and 1946 to promote peace. It was the precursor to the modern United Nations.

CARICOM - The Caribbean Community
Learn about CARICOM, the Caribbean Community organization of countries in the Caribbean Sea region.

The World's Largest Landlocked Countries
Refer to this list to learn about the world's ten largest landlocked countries in the world.

Capital City Relocation
A comprehensive listing of world capital cities that have moved from one city to another; relocating capital cities is not as uncommon as you might think.

Dividing North America - How Would You Divide North America?
Many have suggested that North America should be divided into multiple separate countries or nations. How would you divide North America?

An Overview and History of UNESCO
An overview and history of UNESCO; UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization that works to maintain cultural sites and heritage around the world. Learn all about UNESCO from this article from the expert About.com Geography GuideSite.

World Trade Organization
An overview of the World Trade Organization and its efforts to coordinate and manage international trade between countries.

The Organization of American States
A brief history and overview of The Organization of American States, the world's oldest regional organization of independent countries.

Organization of American States Member Countries
A listing of the member countries of the Organization of American States or OAS.

Members of the United Nation
A list of the member countries of the United Nations and their date of admission. An accurate list of UN members from the expert Geography GuideSite at About.com.

Women Leaders
Prominent women leaders in countries around the world. Learn about women leading their countries.

Pacific Rim and Economic Tigers
The Pacific Rim includes countries bordering the Pacific Ocean from North and South America to Asia to Oceania. Most of these countries have experienced major economic change and growth to become components of an economically integrated trade region. Raw material and finished goods are shipped between Pacific Rim states for manufacture, packaging, and sale. Four of the Pacific Rim territories hav…

World Cup Teams
Why England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and twenty-five other countries should not have their own football (soccer) teams, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

The Vatican City is a Country
A discussion of why the Vatican City (also known as the Holy See) should be considered to be an independent country.

The United Nations - The History, Organization, and Functions of the …
A comprehensive history and overview of the United Nations and its activities around the world.

Turkey in the European Union - Can Turkey Join the EU?
The About.com expert Guide to Geography analyzes Turkey's possible membership in the European Union.

Is Taiwan a Country?
A essay about whether Taiwan should be considered an country independent from mainland China.

Territories - An Overview of Territories of the World
Your About.com Guide to Geography defines territories, colonies, and dependencies in relation to countries and political geography.

Sealand - The Principality of Sealand
Discover the reasons why the Principality of Sealand off the coast of England is no more independent than your own backyard. All about the Principality of Sealand from your About.com expert Guide to Geography.

Puerto Rico is Not a Country
Your Editor and Guide for Geography at About.com provides a plethora of reasons why the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is not an independent country but simply a commonwealth and territory of the United States.

United Nations Security Council
An overview and brief history of the United Nations Security Council, the most important body of the United Nations. Learn about the Security Council from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Scotland is Not a Country
Find out why Scotland does not meet the definition of a country since it fails on six of the eight criteria necessary for country or nation-state status.

Political Geography of the Oceans
The control and ownership of the oceans has long been a controversial topic. Since ancient empires began to sail and trade over the seas, command of coastal areas has been important to governments. However, it wasn't until the twentieth century that countries began to come together to discuss a standardization of maritime boundaries. Learn more...

Palestine is Not a Country - The Non-Independent Status of Palestine
Discover why Palestine nor the West Bank nor the Gaza Strip are independent countries, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Non-Members of the United Nations
Find out which countries are non-members of the United Nations, from your About.com expert Guide to Geography.

No Embassies - Countries Without Diplomatic Relations
A listing of the countries and nations that do not have diplomatic relations with the United States of America.

Neighboring Countries
Discover which countries have the most neighbors and which countries have the fewest neighbors, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Millennium Development Goals
Learn about the eight Millennium Development Goals established by the members of the United Nations in 2000 to be met by 2015. The Millennium Development Goals focus on improving human life in every country.

Missing Countries - Countries That No Longer Exist
Learn what happened to missing countries like Tibet, Rhodesia, Siam, and others, from your About.com Guide. A listing of countries that no longer exist.

Landlocked Countries - Information About Landlocked Countries
Approximately one-fifth of the world's countries are landlocked and have no access to the oceans; learn all about landlocked countries from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Knights of Malta
Some claim that the Knights of Malta, also known as the Sovereign Military Order Of Malta, is the smallest country in the world but find out why it is not a country at all, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Guano Island Act
Discover why the U.S.A. enacted a law called the Guano Island Act to annex islands around the world that contain bird droppings.

Diplomatic and Foreign Relations of Israel
An overview of the foreign and diplomatic relations of Israel. Israel is recognized by over eighty percent of the countries on earth. Find out which countries do not recognize Israel.

Discover how gerrymandering makes the reapportionment and redistricting of congressional districts unfair.

Learn about geopolitics, a dark era in geography when geography was utilized as a weapon of conquest, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Embassy and Consulate - An Overview of Embassy and Consulate
A country's embassy or consulate is a diplomatic office in a foreign country where citizens and foreigners alike can interact with the host country...

England is Not a Country
Your About.com Guide to Geography provides ample evidence to show that England is not a country (but the United Kingdom is).

Country Divisions
How different countries are divided into states, provinces, districts, regions, and territories.

Core and Periphery - An Overview of the Core and Perpiphery o…
The world can readily be divided into a core and periphery, with the core containing most of the wealth while the periphery contains most of the population. Read this article to learn about the core and periphery model of the world.

Compulsory Voting
For more than 80 years, Australia's compulsory voting system requires that people show up to their polling place on election day; this article explores compulsory voting from your About.com expert Guide to Geography.

Commonwealth of Nations
A short history and the purpose of the British-led Commonwealth of Nations, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Bhutan's Foreign Relations - Foreign Relations of Bhutan
An overview of the foreign relations of Bhutan, a small kingdom located in the Himalaya. Learn about Bhutan from your About.com Guide to Geography.

ASEAN - An Overview of the Association of Southeast Asian Nat…
An overview of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Learn about the history and development of the ASEAN organization.

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight
The story of the boundary between the United States and Canada.

Countries Participating in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing
A listing of the countries and non-countries with National Olympic Committees and thus participating in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

10 Most Unusual Borders
Your About.com expert Guide to Geography selects the ten most unusual international borders in the world and describes each border situation.

Kiribati International Date Line Change
Learn about Kiribati's 1995 unilateral shifting of the International Date Line to cover the entire country to keep the entire island country in one day.

The Fifth Ocean
The International Hydrographic Organization has created a new fifth ocean - the Southern Ocean - surrounding Antarctica.

Biggest Countries
A listing of the biggest countries in area in the world, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

U.S. Boundary History
Track the growth of the United States across North America through the variety of treaties, purchases, wars, and Acts of Congress that made the U.S.A. what it is today.

The Mason-Dixon Line
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mason-Dixon line, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Former Yugoslavia
Learn about the former European country of Yugoslavia (1945-1992), now composed of Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Bosnia.

Learn about the political geography of the world's coldest, windiest, driest, highest, and most remote continent.

The Average Country
Find out the area and population of an "average" country on the planet.

Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 to Divide Africa
From November 1884 to February 1885, European countries met in Berlin to divide Africa among themselves to colonize the continent.

The Strait of Hormuz, Panama Canal, and Dardanelles are some of the most important chokepoints in the world. Find out where they are and what makes a chokepoint so special.

Compulsory Voting
Australia's 75-year-old compulsory voting system requires that people show up to their polling place on election day.

How Many Countries are in the World?
Find out the answer to this intriguing question.

Internal Divisions of Countries
Discover how different countries are divided into states, provinces, districts, regions, and territories.

Jerusalem: Unified City, Divided City, or International City?
What will happen to Jerusalem in the future? Will it remain unified under Israel, be split into two capitals, or become an international city governed by the United Nations?

The Kuril and Sakhalin Island Controversy
Find out why Russia and Japan still haven't signed a peace treaty ending World War II.

Membership Increase of the United Nations
A graph showing the regular increase in U.N. membership since 1945.

Native and Local Country Names
Although English-speaking people call the Asian island country Japan, the Japanese call their own nation Nippon. This article provides the local names for the countries of the world.

New Countries
Discover the impressive number of countries that have become independent all around the world since 1990.

There are 15 to 20 million people around the world who are refugees trying to escape persecution in their home countries. Learn about the geography of refugees.

Sea of Japan vs. East Sea
A letter writing campaign by a Korean student organization has resulted in many mapmakers naming the Sea of Japan the East Sea.

The Shape of the State
The shape of a country can impact its geopolitical situation. Learn about the various categories of shapes for countries - compact, fragmented, elongated, perforated, and protruded.

State or Nation?
Discover what makes a place an independent country. Learn the difference between an independent State and a nation.

Which Congo is Zaire?
In May 1997, Zaire became the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but now there are two Congos!

The World's Smallest Countries
Learn about the seventeen smallest countries in the world. These 17 countries combined are just a tad larger than the state of Rhode Island (the smallest in the U.S.A.)

The Next New Country?
What do you think the next new country on Earth will be? Why?

Greenland's Status
Find out the current status of Greenland - is Greenland a country or a territory or what? Does Greenland have a capital? Learn more from this Geography at About.com article.

Oldest Country in the World
Discover the answer to the common geography question, what is the oldest country in the world? This article about the oldest country in the world comes from the About.com Geography GuideSite.

The Halayeb Triangle
The Halayeb Triangle is a disputed region on the border of Egypt and Sudan. Learn about the Halayeb Triangle’s history, geography, climate, ecology, cities and resources from Geography at About.com.

What is Balkanization? An Overview of Balkanization
Read this article to learn information about balkanization, the dissolving of countries or regions. Learn about the development and use of the term, various country’s attempts at balkanization and balkanization with regard to the United States and Europe from Geography at About.com.

Countries Participating in the 2012 Olympic Games in London

The media reported that there were 204 "countries" competing in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London but with only 196 countries the world, how does that work out? 

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