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Physical Geography and Cultural Geography


This page provides resources for all aspects and branches of geography, encompassed by the main two branches, physical geography and cultural geography.
  1. Earth Processes
  2. Water and Ice
  3. Climate, Weather and Climate Change
  4. Hazards and Disaster
  1. Cultural Geography
  2. Urban, Economic, and Transportation Geography
  3. Political Geography
  4. Calendars and Seasons

Earth Processes

A picture of Mt. Everest.

Erosion, landform development, geological processes, and geomorphology are all part of the process of developing the surface of the earth - all of interest to physical geographers.

Water and Ice

Three-quarters of the earth is water. Knowing about water and its solid form, ice, are important to understanding our planet.

Climate, Weather and Climate Change

The processes of the atmosphere impact human settlement on the land and as climate change continues, the impact on humans will be even more dramatic.

Hazards and Disaster

Catastrophic or significant earth events have major impacts on human settlements and generate intense public interest in the physical geography of the planet.

Cultural Geography

Cultural geography, also known as human geography, covers a wide swath of human interaction with the land. Cultural geography includes language, religion, medicine, cities, economics, entertainment, and much more.

Urban, Economic, and Transportation Geography

Photo by Matt Rosenberg

Most of the world's population is concentrated in urban areas, where economic activity is concentrated. The world's urban areas are growing at an astonishing rate. The world's economy is a fascinating topic. Learn about urban, economic, and transportation geography from these resources.

Political Geography

Photo by Matt Rosenberg

Political geography covers all aspects of boundaries, country, state, and nation development, international organizations, diplomacy, internal divisions, voting, and so much more. It's a fascinating topic.

Calendars and Seasons

The calendar and seasons are representations of earth's interaction with the sun. Discover a great collection of links to help you learn about seasons and calendars around the world.

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