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Obtain photos of continents, cities, landmarks, or even cultural icons and common street signs from around the world.
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London Photo Gallery
A collection of photographs from a June 2006 trip to London, United Kingdon from Matt Rosenberg, your About.com Guide to Geography.

Gallery of China Photographs
A gallery of pictures of China, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Geographical Photographs
Your Guide's extensive collection of photographs of landmarks and landscapes, including a large collection of photos of street signs.

Earth Photo
The classic photo of the earth from space; see our planet as the big blue marble it is.

Canadian Landscapes
Hundreds of beautiful photographs of Canadian physical features. This is an excellent site.

Cities and Buildings Database
Thousands of awesome urban images from around the world. Use the pull-down menu of places on the left-hand side of the page for best navigation.

Earth From Space
An excellent collection of of astronaut photographs of the Earth. Images are organized by a variety of subjects and by geographic location.

Earth Science Picture of the Day
This fantastic site provides a new photo and explanation or discussion every day. All photos relate to earth science in some way although many are astronomical or atmospheric. Browse through the archive that goes back to late 2000.

Microsoft's huge collection of aerial images from across the U.S.A. You can type in an address to see your house from space.

Geology and Earth Sciences Images
A gorgeous collection of images illustrating physical geography and geology concepts. Very useful for visualizing terrain features.

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