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Locate Places Worldwide

Looking for a place? Not only can you find places around the world, but you can also find their latitute and longitude, time zone, area code, ZIP code, and more!
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Place Names That Became Words
Learn about place names that became words, geological and geographical features, and elements on the periodic table.

A Geographic Overview of the Bering Land Bridge
Geography of the Bering Land Bridge: Refer to this article to learn about the Bering Land Bridge, also known as Beringia, that connects eastern Siberia with western Alaska. Learn important information about the Bering Land Bridge's formation, climate, flora, fauna and importance to human migration from Geography at About.com.

Why Do You Love Where You Live?
What is it about where you live that you love? What makes your town or city special for you? Read what others have to say about their hometowns and add your own thoughts.

Indian Ocean Seas
Refer to this list to learn information about the seven marginal seas bordering the Indian Ocean.

Geography of the Tropic of Cancer
Geography of the Tropic of Cancer: Refer to this article to learn about the importance of the Tropic of Cancer to understanding the Earth's physical geography. Also includes information on the Tropic of Cancer's naming and location on Earth's surface. Learn important facts about the Tropic of Cancer from Geography at About.com.

Geography of the Tropic of Capricorn
Overview and Geography of the Tropic of Capricorn: Learn about the geographic significance and naming of the Tropic of Capricorn - one of the Earth's most significant lines of latitude from the expert geography GuideSite at About.com.

An overview of longitude and how to learn and find longitude on a world map. Learn all about longitude from this expert About.com Geography GuideSite article.

A thorough overview of latitude - learn all about latitude and how it is measured and how to understand it from this article from the About.com Geography GuideSite.

Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert is one of the world's largest and driest deserts. Located in northern Africa, the Sahara Desert is encompassed by several countries. Learn about the Sahara Desert from the expert About.com Geography GuideSite.

Ecotourism - An Overview of Ecotourism
An overview of ecotourism, tourism that is designed to be environmentally friendly, from the About.com Geography site.

Decimal Degrees vs. Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
An overview of the difference between degrees, minutes, and seconds and decimal degrees, including an overview of the metric system, from the About.com Geography Guide Site.

Latitude and Longitude
Learn to understand the latitude and longitude lines running across your maps and globes.

Tiny Geo-Coder
A simple site that converts location to decimal degrees of latitude and longitude. Search by address, place name, or by latitude and longitude.

Enter a U.S. address and obtain a map, exact latitude and longitude, Census place and tract code, and more. From the ETAK Digital Map Comapny.

Geographic Names Information System
A very useful resource for retrieving latitude and longitude (including minutes and seconds) for a specific place or point of interest (even libraries and parks) in the U.S. Also provides the name of the 7.5' USGS topographic map for that point.

Getty Thesarus of Geographic Names Online
Almost one million current and historical place names are in this global database. Obtain latitude and longitude and sometimes a brief description.

MapQuest: Map a Latitude/Longitude
At this great MapQuest site, you can enter latitude and longitude coordinates (using decimals or degrees, minutes and seconds) and MapQuest will provide a map of the location.

Where To Go? - Where Would You Go on a Trip Right Now?
Where to go? Where should you go on a trip to travel right now? Read suggestions for where to go and add your own thoughts of where to go on vacation. Where to go suggestions from the About.com Geography GuideSite.

Arctic Seas
Refer to this list to learn information about the five marginal seas bordering the Arctic Ocean.

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