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What Is Geography?


A exhaustive resource on the discipline of geography. Learn all about geography, its branches, and how to study geography and excel in becoming a geographer.
  1. Geography 101
  2. Lists and Superlatives
  3. Geographic Education
  4. Becoming a Geographer
  5. Geography Games and Quizzes
  6. Country Information
  1. Population Geography
  2. Historical Geography and Exploration
  3. Time and Time Zones
  4. Places of Interest
  5. Additional Resources

Geography 101

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Overviews of the discipline of geography and its various branches.

Lists and Superlatives

A collection of resources that rank things on our planet - cities, countries, building, continents, and more.

Geographic Education

Whether you're studying for the National Geographic Bee, AP Geography, A-Levels, an undergraduate degree, a Ph.D., or just want to know more about geography, this is the place to do it. Also discover resources for teaching geography in school.

Becoming a Geographer

If you're considering a geography degree or are already a geography major, you're probably wondering what you'll do after school. Here are some resources for exploring your career options.

Geography Games and Quizzes

Test your knowledge of geography and learn more about geography through various online geography games and quizzes.

Country Information

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Online resources and information about the countries of the world.

Population Geography

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The branch of population geography explores demographic information about the world, countries, and smaller regions to determine population growth rates and future population estimates.

Historical Geography and Exploration

The development of geography and the exploration of the world are essential components to understanding our planet today. Explore the past with these delightful resources.

Time and Time Zones

The planet is divided up into 24 time zones but it's just not that simple. Add Daylight Saving Time, the International Date Line, and offset time zones and things are really confusing.

Places of Interest

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Explore the world through these articles about fascinating places around the world.

Additional Resources

These essential resources will help you to continue to learn, to explore, and to enjoy the amazing field of geography.

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