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World Trade Partners

The Top 15 World Trade Partners of the United States


Updated June 25, 2014
It is interesting to explore the most popular world trading partners of the United States. Many are surprised to discover that the country's top world trading partner is none other than our neighbor to the north - Canada. Below you will find a listing of the top world trade partners of the United States.

Top 15 International Trading Partners

1. Canada
2. China
3. Mexico
4. Japan
5. Germany
6. United Kingdom
7. South Korea
8. France
9. Taiwan
10. Netherlands
11. Brazil
12. Italy
13. Singapore
14. Malaysia
15. Ireland

Top 5 Countries Receiving U.S. Exports

1. Canada
2. Mexico
3. Japan
4. China
5. United Kingdom

Top 5 Countries Supplying U.S. Imports

1. Canada
2. China
3. Mexico
4. Japan
5. Germany

The above data is year-to-date through April 2007 and comes from the U.S. Census Bureau's Foreign Trade Statistics.

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