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The World's Southernmost Settlements

List of the Ten Southernmost Settlements in the World


Southernmost City

Ushuaia, Argentina, commonly accepted as the world's southernmost city.

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Updated November 11, 2010

The world has many thousands of cities and/or settlements that are located at all kinds of latitudes. Some are clustered around the equator like Quito, Ecuador, while some are very far north like Barrow in the United States' state of Alaska. However, Argentina and Chile have the most settlements that are located very far south. The following is a list of the ten southernmost settlements in the world with a population of over 2,000. The settlements are arranged by latitude and population numbers have been included for reference.

1) Puerto Williams, Chile
• Latitude: 54°56'S
• Population: 2,262 (2002 estimate)

2) Ushuaia, Argentina
Note: Ushuaia is often considered the world's southernmost city by most accounts due to its large population.
• Latitude: 54°48'S
• Population: 63,280 (2010 estimate)

3) Río Grande, Argentina
• Latitude: 53°47'S
• Population: 55,231 (estimate date unknown)

4) Porvenir, Chile
• Latitude: 53°17'S
• Population: 4,807 (2002 estimate)

5) Punta Arenas, Chile
• Latitude: 53°10'S
• Population: 154,000 (2002 estimate)

6) Puerto Natales, Chile
• Latitude: 51°44'S
• Population: 19,116 (2002 estimate)

7) Stanley, Falkland Islands
• Latitude: 51°41'S
• Population: 2,115 (2006 estimate)

8) Vientiocho de Noviembre, Argentina
• Latitude: 51°39'S
• Population: 4,686 (estimate date unknown)

9) Río Gallegos, Argentina
• Latitude: 51°38'S
• Population: 79,000 (2001 estimate)

10) Río Turbio, Argentina
• Latitude: 51°31'S
• Population: 6,650 (estimate date unknown)


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