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Largest Capital Cities of the United States

List of the Ten Largest Capital Cities in the United States


Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, from South Mountain
Brian Stablyk/ Photographer's Choice/ Getty Images
Updated May 28, 2014

The United States of America is one of the world's largest countries based on both population (over 300 million) and area. It is made up of 50 individual states and Washington, D.C., its national capital. Each of these states also has their own capital city and other very large and small cities. These state capitals however vary in size but all are important to politics in the states. Interestingly though, some of the largest and most important cities in the U.S. like New York City, New York and Los Angeles, California are not the capitals of their states.

There are many more capital cities in the U.S. that are very large when compared to other, small capital cities. The following is a list of the ten largest capital cities in the U.S. For reference, the state that they are in, along with the population of the state's largest city (if it is not the capital) has also been included. All population numbers were obtained from City-data.com. The city population figures are estimates of July 2009 populations.

1) Phoenix

• Population: 1,601,587
• State: Arizona
• Largest City: Phoenix

2) Indianapolis

• Population: 807,584
• State: Indiana
• Largest City: Indianapolis

3) Austin

• Population: 786,382
• State: Texas
• Largest City: Houston (2,257,926)

4) Columbus

• Population: 769,360
• State: Ohio
• Largest City: Columbus

5) Boston

• Population: 645,169
• State: Massachusetts
• Largest City: Boston

6) Denver

• Population: 610,345
• State: Colorado
• Largest City: Denver

7) Nashville

• Population: 605,473
• State: Tennessee
• Largest City: Memphis (676,640)

8) Oklahoma City

• Population: 560,332
• State: Oklahoma
• Largest City: Oklahoma City

9) Atlanta

• Population: 540,921
• State: Georgia
• Largest City: Atlanta

10) Sacramento

• Population: 466,687
• State: California
• Largest City: Los Angeles (3,831,868)

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