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Israel Maps

Following World War II, the British withdrew from their mandate of Palestine, and the UN partitioned the area into Arab and Jewish states, an arrangement rejected by the Arabs. Subsequently, the Israelis defeated the Arabs in a series of wars without ending the deep tensions between the two sides. In the summer of 2005, Israel unilaterally disengaged from the Gaza Strip, evacuating settlers and its military while retaining control over most points of entry into the Gaza Strip.

Map of Israel
A nice clear map of Israel from the CIA World FactBook.

Geography and Map of Israel
A political map, comprehensive data, and flag of Yemen from the CIA World FactBook.

Blank Outline Map of Israel
A free blank outline map of Israel to print out for educational, school, or classroom use.

Merriam-Webster Map of Israel
A clear and detailed Israel map along with basic geographic facts from Merriam-Webster. The map includes many cities and major physical features.

Israel Maps
An extensive collection of maps of Israel from the PCL Map Collection.

Israel: History, Geography, Government, and Culture
Great data and historical information from Infoplease.com.

Israel - A Country Study
Comprehensive book-length information from the Library of Congress. Published in 1990.

Background Note - Israel
A great profile, including political history, from the U.S. State Department.

Ministry of Tourism
The official tourism site, an excellent resource!

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