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The C40 Cities

These Cities Are Leading in Mitigating Climate Change


The C40 Cities

The forty cities that compose C40 are working to reduce global warming.

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Updated March 03, 2010
Representatives from 18 major world cities met in London in October 2005 to join together to combat global warming. The cities agreed to take certain actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage climate-friendly technologies.

Since that time, the group grew to forty cities and has though become the C40. The C40 meets every odd-numbered year; the next meeting is scheduled for 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. What follows is a list of the forty C40 cities...

1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2. Athens, Greece
3. Bangkok, Thailand
4. Beijing, China
5. Berlin, Germany
6. Bogota, Colombia
7. Buenos Aires, Argentina
8. Cairo, Egypt
9. Caracas, Venezuela
10. Chicago, United States
11. Dhaka, Bangladesh
12. Hanoi, Vietnam
13. Hong Kong, China
14. Houston, United States
15. Istanbul, Turkey
16. Jakarta, Indonesia
17. Johannesburg, South Africa
18. Karachi, Pakistan
19. Lima, Peru
20. Lisbon, Portugal
21. London, United Kingdom
22. Los Angeles, United States
23. Madrid, Spain
24. Melbourne, Australia
25. Mexico City, Mexico
26. Moscow, Russia
27. Mumbai, India
28. New Delhi, India
29. New York City, United States
30. Paris, France
31. Philadelphia, United States
32. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
33. Rome, Italy
34. Sao Paulo, Brazil
35. Seoul, South Korea
36. Shanghai, China
37. Sydney, Australia
38. Tokyo, Japan
39. Toronto, Canada
40. Warsaw, Poland

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