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Jessica Karpilo

About.com Geography Intern Jessica Karpilo


Jessica Karpilo

Jessica Karpilo, the About.com Spring 2010 Geography Intern

Jessica Karpilo
Jessica Karpilo is a geography student who is the Spring 2010 Geography Intern for Geography at About.com


Jessica Karpilo is currently a sophomore at the University of Denver, where she is majoring in Geography and Journalism and minoring in Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

Jessica knew she wanted to be a writer since she was in elementary school. She developed an interest in geography after taking a Foundations of Geography course for a Social Sciences requirement in her first year of college. She went into the course with no intention of ever studying geography further, but found that she really enjoyed the material and declared herself a Geography major by the fourth week of class.

After graduation, Jessica hopes to put both of her majors to work, working as a professional geographer and writing about her experiences.


In geography, Jessica is particularly interested in cultural geography, including ecotourism and travel geography, as well as cartography and the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Beyond geography, Jessica enjoys Colorado summers and taking advantage of the camping, hiking, and rafting opportunities that go along with them. She also loves reading and watching movies, especially movies from the 1980s.

From Jessica

"Geography is such a diverse subject; it really has something for everyone. I used to think it was all about maps and state capitals but there's so much more to it. Hopefully through this site and the writing I do for it, everyone will be able to find something that's useful, relevant, and interesting to them."


Contact Jessica at joliprak at yahoo.com. Before you write to Jessica with any questions, please be sure to read the site's Contact Page.

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