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Ping Zhou, Geography Contributing Writer


Ping Zhou

Ping Zhou

Ping Zhou
Ping Zhou is an adjunct instructor and tourism event organizer in the Department of Geography and Geology at Eastern Michigan University.


Ping graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2010 with a master's degree in general social science and a bachelor's in geography. His studies primarily focused on human geography, tourism, demography, and urban sociology. His current research interest is on China's economic growth and Japan's population crisis. At the university, Ping is also a faculty adviser for several student organizations. He has given many public presentations and has helped in organizing a manifold of tourism-related events on campus, including the Southeast Michigan Geotourism Conference and Geography Awareness and National Security featuring Dr. Harm de Blij.

Originally born in China, Ping immigrated to the United States at the age of nine. He is fluent in Cantonese, Taisan-dialect Chinese, and English. He also plans on learning Japanese eventually. Ping has extensive travel experience across North America and East Asia, and he plans on someday visiting Peru, Iceland, Bhutan, Thailand, Croatia, and Antarctica.


Outside of geography, Ping is an avid cyclist, reality-TV junkie, MMA/UFC fan, and computer nerd.

From Ping

"Geography involves more than just memorizing country locations. It is a spatial science that analyzes all the complexities on earth and examines how humans interact with one another and their environments. I want to convey the understanding that intellectually and emotionally, everyone's lives are heavily influenced by geography. What happens across an ocean can still have a profound impact on our daily lives. Geography defines us. We are a product of our environment, after all."

Contact Information

Visit Ping's blog World and Society. He can be reached via email at pzhou83@gmail.com
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