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Katherine Schulz Richard

Geography at About.com Contributing Writer


Katherine Schulz Richard
Katherine Schulz Richard
Katherine Schulz Richard is a geographer from New Orleans, Louisiana who is a contributing writer for Geography at About.com.


Katherine Schulz Richard is a Fall 2010 Graduate from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography.

Katherine has become more fascinated by geography every single day during the ten years that she has studied it. She participated in her elementary school's National Geographic Bee and eventually became the 2002 Louisiana State Champion. She also participated in the AAA Travel High School Challenge, where she won second place in the nation in 2005. After enduring Hurricane Katrina, she began college at LSU. She is particularly interested in geographic education, the great disparity of income, basic needs, and health throughout the world, imperialism and colonialism, current events, foreign relations, and travel geography. She also enjoys learning history, gastronomy, linguistics, foreign languages, anthropology, and sociology. Katherine was an intern for Geography at About.com for the Fall 2010 semester and continued her work on the site as a contributing writer.

About Katherine

Katherine is married and has a two-year-old son who will hopefully also learn as much as possible about the world and its people. She is considering becoming a geography teacher, author, or blogger. She enjoys traveling and has visited nine countries. She also enjoys seeing her hometown of New Orleans gradually be reborn into the intriguing geographic and cultural center it has always been.

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