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Juliet Jacobs, Geography Writer


Juliet Jacobs

Geography Contributing Writer Juliet Jacobs

Juliet Jacobs
Juliet Jacobs was the fall 2012 geography intern and is currently a contributing writer for Geography at About.com. She is a traveler and a recent university graduate in geography and English.


Born in Westchester, New York, but a Midwest transplant, Juliet is a recent graduate from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. As a student, Juliet became fascinated with the way that geography sheds light on global issues. Juliet majored in geography, and is particularly interested in urban studies, G.I.S., and population/migration studies. Her senior geography capstone paper was entitled "Fortress or Formless? Frontex and Supranational Border Management in the European Union," and dealt with the topic of illegal immigration control efforts in the European Union. As an English minor, Juliet explored her passion for literature and writing, and was able to share those interests with her community through tutoring writing and literacy skills both at Macalester and Minneapolis Public Schools.

Apart from her academic interests, Juliet enjoys playing violin, cooking, and traveling. She spent a semester studying in Morocco, and is excited to continue her travels this coming year in Colombia.

From Juliet

"Geography is so diverse, sometimes it's hard to pin down a succinct definition. But it's helpful to think about geography not just as an academic discipline, but also as a way of looking at the world. Geography can help inform how we understand culture, politics, and social issues. I love how vast it is; the way we interact with our natural and built environments has such a huge impact on us as individuals and communities, at local and global scales."

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