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Erin Mahaney

About.com Geography Intern Erin Mahaney


Erin Mahaney
Erin Mahaney
Erin Mahaney is a geography graduate who is one of the two Fall 2010 Geography Interns for Geography at About.com.


Erin Mahaney is a recent graduate of State University of New York Geneseo where she majored in Geography and minored in Urban and Environmental Studies.

After enrolling in a human geography course during her second semester of college, Erin decided to take courses in cartography and American landscapes. It wasn't long before Erin realized how intriguing the content was and how amazing the professors were. In pursuit of a rigorous but fun academic experience, she became a geography major. Erin hopes to take more courses in geography and work toward a master's degree in urban planning.


Aside from exploring Google Earth, Erin enjoys art, being barefoot, and learning about the built environment. Erin spent her last two summers painting a mural and helping maintain a community garden. In her free time she wrestles with her little brothers (and wins).

From Erin

"Geography isn't just the memorization of facts and place names. It's a method of thinking, and a way of perceiving the world around us by making connections. I can't imagine what could possibly be more important or fundamental to our daily lives. Knowing why the people and places of Earth exist in the manner they do relative to their locale is a simple concept that is always overlooked. Of course, it is also helpful to know that you will certainly not be going to the beach when planning a trip to Tennessee, and that Africa is not a country."

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