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Claire Weber, Geography Contributing Writer


Claire Weber

Claire Weber

A contributing writer for Geography at About.com, Claire began writing on this site as a Fall 2012 geography intern. She is an undergraduate student majoring in geography and biology.


Hailing from Southern Maryland, Claire attends the University of Maryland with her two older sisters. During a summer study abroad trip to the island nation of Grenada, Claire fell in love with geography and then promptly changed her major to it. Her career aspiration is to work as a research scientist studying the biogeography of island systems around the world.

Claire is also part of a team undergraduate research project that is using GIS and other computer programs to model how habitat fragmentation affects highly mobile nomadic species.


On breaks from school, Claire enjoys traveling. She has studied abroad in Grenada and Israel, and over the past summer she has visited Hawaii, Finland, Estonia, France, and was even a spectator at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Claire also enjoys journaling and learning foreign languages.

From Claire:

“I think the reason why geography is so amazing is the fact that every other academic subject is imbibed with it, whether people realize it or not. No matter what you are doing, it is useful to know where you are. Whether it’s history, public policy, ecology, or even physics, where you are in the world affects what is happening.”

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