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Bios of About.com Geography Interns and Writers

Biographical sketches of the writers associated with the Geography at About.com GuideSite.

Jessica Leigh Rosier
Jessica Leigh Rosier, a contributing writer for geography at About.com, is employed as an Interpretive Naturalist and an Adjunct Geography Instructor.

Brian Baskerville, Geography Intern
A brief biography of geographer and About.com Geography intern Brian Baskerville.

Jordan Fisher, Geography Intern
Geography Jordan Fisher is an intern for Geography at About.com for Fall 2012.

Claire Weber, Geography Intern
A short biography of Claire Weber, Geography at About.com intern.

Juliet Jacobs, Geography Intern
This is the official About.com bio of geography intern and writer Juliet Jacobs.

Dimitar Zhelev
A biography of Dimitar Zhelev, a Spring 2012 Geography Intern for Geography at About.com.

Paige Rushbrook
A bio of Paige Rushbrook, Geography Intern for Geography at About.com for the Spring 2012 semester.

Xanthe Webb Aintablian
Learn about Xanthe Webb Aintablian, contributing writer and Spring/Summer 2011 Geography at About.com geography intern.

Emma Irving
Learn about geographer Emma Irving, a contributing writer at Geography at About.com.

Jessica Karpilo
The bio of Jessica Karpilo, the Spring 2010 About.com Geography Intern.

Katy Rudolphy
A short bio of the Fall 2009 Geography at About.com intern, Katy Rudolphy.

Amanda Briney - Geography at About.com Contributing Writer
A biographical sketch of Amanda Briney, geographer and contributing writer for Geography at About.com.

Colin Stief - Geography at About.com Intern
A bio of Colin Stief, the fall semester 2008 Geography Intern for Geography at About.com.

Matt Rosenberg - Geography Guide
Matt Rosenberg is the Guide for this site and has been managing the About.com Geography GuideSite since its founding in 1997.

Nicole Lindell - Geography at About.com Contributor
The biography of Nicole Lindell, a contributing writer for Geography at About.com.

Erin Mahaney
A short biography of Erin Mahaney, a Fall 2010 Geography Intern at Geography at About.com.

Katherine Schulz Richard
Katherine Schulz Richard is geography student from New Orleans, Louisiana who is one of the two Fall 2010 Geography Interns for Geography at About.com.

Jacob Langenfeld
A short biography of Jacob Langenfeld, contributing writer for the Geography at About.com GuideSite.

Terry Hain
A biography of Terry Hain, the Fall 2011 Geography at About.com intern.

Ping Zhou, Geography Contributing Writer
A biography of Ping Zhou, contributing writer for Geography at About.com.

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