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Geographic Technology

Learn all about the latest innovations in geographic technologies such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems), GPS (Global Positioning System), satellite images, remote sensing, and more.

GIS: An Overview - All About GIS
An overview of GIS or Geographic Information Systems and modern computer map making technologies.

Global Positioning System - An Overview of the Global Positio…
The eight most important things you need to know about the GPS - Global Positioning System. Learn about the satellites that orbit the earth and how, using a handheld receiver unit, the GPS works to help you determine your location, speed, elevation, and the exact time.

GIS Today
Learn about the latest uses and developments in GIS.

Remote Sensing - An Overview of Remote Sensing
An overview of remote sensing and the uses of satellites for mapping and modeling terrain, from the About.com geography site.

An overview of the Landsat satellites which have been orbiting the earth for over a quarter of a century, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Business Geographics - An Overview of Business Geographics
A comprehensive overview of business geographics that tells how businesses can and do use geographic information to make sound business decisions.

An Introduction to GIS
Your Guide provides an overview of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and how it works, using the fictional River City as they begin a GIS program.

Geodetic Datums
A comprehensive history and overview of geodetic datums such as NAD 83 and WGS 84, used with GPS.

GIS Lounge
GIS expert Guide Caitlin Dempsey covers the breadth and scope of GIS (Geographic Information Systems, computerized mapping) on this comprehensive site, which includes a forum for your GIS queries.

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