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World of Where - Geography Software

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The Bottom Line

Fun and educational geography software that allows the user to test their knowledge of countries, states, and capital cities around the world. The software records high scores and provides a variety of levels of difficulty, based on user choice. I highly recommend this great educational game for anyone studying geography!


  • Fun and educational
  • Quick download
  • Affordable
  • Detailed and Colorful
  • Full-featured


  • Only tested cities are capitals


  • Available as a download from their website in Macintosh and Windows formats.
  • File size is 5.7 MB for Mac and 6.7 MB for Windows.
  • Tests North, Central, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Solar System.
  • Tests capital city locations, country locations, flags.
  • Includes states and provinces of United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, and Canada.
  • Allows exporting of the colorful and useful maps included in the software.

Guide Review - World of Where - Geography Software

World of Where was developed by 17 year-old geography student Zac Cohan from Sydney, Australia. This software is a lot of fun and educational, too. The software (which is a very quick download and sells for a mere $9.95) allows you to test yourself on country or state locations, capital cities, and flags. You can test yourself on all continents or select a specific continent for a quick exam.

For example, you'll have a colorful map of South America and World of Where will ask you to click on Brazil. It's a bit more challenging if you test yourself on cities and try to pinpoint the location of Brasilia (don't worry, though, you can change modes to get the answer correct if you click anywhere in Brazil).

In addition to major world regions, the software also tests the states and provinces of the U.S., Australia, Italy, Germany, and Canada. The software will also track high scores as you watch yourself improve in your identification of countries and capitals.

Zac created World of Where to help himself learn geography. It's a product that I can highly recommend to help you or others in your family learn geography, too.

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