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Why Geography Matters

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The Bottom Line

This book is a great update of how geography is impacting major events around the world. It's an in-depth analysis of topics that will impact America and western culture, from terrorism to China to Russia. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in political geography or current events. De Blij is someone worth listening to.
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  • An updated look at the impact of world geography on current events.


  • First 124 pages reads like a geography textbook.


  • 308 pages, illustrated with dozens of useful maps and charts.
  • Entirely up-to-date, published in June 2005.
  • Covers serious topics that every English reader should care about.

Guide Review - Why Geography Matters

The subtitle of Why Geography Matters is, "Three Challenges Facing America: Climate Change, the Rise of China, and Global Terrorism." I found the first topic to read a lot like previous de Blij books I'd read, from his recent textbooks to his 1995 Harm De Blij's Geography Book: A Leading Geographer's Fresh Look at Our Changing World. Nonetheless, de Blij updates his material and provides a fresh prospective. Thus, the first 124 pages didn't keep my interest as much as it would for a reader new to de Blij. However, once de Blij starts discussing problems related to China, terrorism, the new Europe, Russia, and Africa - I was hooked. The material in the last six chapters is absolutely essential and I couldn't put it down. Illustrated with excellent and crisp black and white maps, this book is truly a geographical gem. I must recommend it for anyone with an interest in global affairs or geography and even those who aren't - the information and lessons contained in this book are too important to miss.
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