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Oxford Atlas of the World

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The Bottom Line

This is a fantastic and beautiful atlas with an amazing collection of maps, satellite images, country information, data and thematic maps. It is an all-in-one atlas and suitable for every home.
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  • Amazing information about every country.
  • A large selection of updated data and thematic maps.
  • Beautiful color maps of all the world's regions.
  • Gazetteer includes coordinates and map grid location.
  • Airports shown with three-letter airport codes.


  • City maps are sparse in detail.
  • Atlas labels Sea of Japan also as East Sea.


  • Nearly 8 pounds in weight.
  • About 15 x 11 x 1.5 inches.
  • 448 Pages.
  • Includes fold-out world reference map.
  • Gazetteer includes more than 80,000 place names.

Guide Review - Oxford Atlas of the World

I love this atlas! The atlas begins with four pages full of statistics (country information, city populations, earth statistics, and climate). Following the statistics are 17 pages of beautiful satellite images of specific places on the planet (including Antarctica, London, and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.) Then, the atlas provides more than 30 pages of detailed information about every country and major territories. Especially impressive are the 45 pages of thematic information and maps about such varying topics as the Solar System, landforms, water, population, energy, agriculture, and air travel. Maps of 69 individual cities grace the next section of the atlas. Then, the atlas includes the gold mine of 190 pages of beautiful maps. The atlas' gazetteer is over 100 pages and clearly provides quick access to places found in the maps. Finally, on the last page is a nice collection of maps for "Regions in the News," including such places as Darfur, Kashmir, and Iraq. The inside front cover and inside back over are very clear index maps to the maps found in the atlas.
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