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Large Shopping Malls

The Mall of America and the West Edmonton Mall


Updated August 23, 2007

The largest shopping mall in North America, West Edmonton Mall, and the largest shopping mall in the United States, the Mall of America, each have an Internet site devoted to entice visitors to travel there. Additionally, both malls offer vacation packages for prospective tourists.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's West Edmonton Mall includes over 800 retail stores, six amusement attractions and a 335-room hotel, the Fantasyland Hotel, which includes eleven types of themed rooms, from the Igloo Room to the Bridal Suite. In addition to over 100 restaurants, the mall includes themed streets such as Europa Boulevard and Bourbon Street. West Edmonton Mall in anchored by eight department stores.

Bloomington, Minnesota's Mall of America is located along the Interstate 494 beltway, south of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The largest mall in the U.S., the Mall of America includes three levels of shopping and the fourth floor Entertainment District, dedicated to food and fun. Four hundred retail stores surround Knott's Camp Snoopy, which includes an indoor roller coaster at the Mall of America. Despite the smaller size of the Mall of America, their site provides much more information, including details about the Mall of America's spot to get hitched, the Chapel of Love. The Mall of America is also anchored by eight department stores.

Malls in China and other countries are larger than the West Edmonton Mall and the Mall of America.

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