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Cultural Geography and Human Geography

Cultural geography, also known as human geography, covers a wide swath of human interaction with the land. Cultural geography includes language, religion, medicine, cities, economics, entertainment, and much more.
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World Cup Host Countries
A listing of the FIFA World Cup Host Countries from 1930 to 2022.

The Phoenix
Explore the geography of mythology through this article about various myths of the bird known as the phoenix around the world.

Gross National Happiness
Learn all about the fascinating index known as Gross National Happiness. It's a holistic measure of a country's well-being.

Shadowed Ground
Read this article to learn information about shadowed ground, a concept from geographer Kenneth E. Foote. Learn what shadowed ground is and the different types of places marked by tragedy from Geography at About.com.

Music Festivals
Music festivals create the perfect opportunity to enjoy music while gaining a deeper understanding of the people that it came from.

The Geography of Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed-martial arts is a form of fighting that encompasses all disciplines of combat, including wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and many others. MMA is a globalized sport that unifies all cultures and geographies

Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year is an important holiday in Chinese culture. In China the holiday is known as the "Spring Festival" as it marks the end of the winter season.

The Shifting Geography of the Catholic Church
This article explores the changing geography and demographics over the course of the history of the Catholic Church.

Geography of Marriage
The combination of individuals in a marriage has varied through history and cultures. Historically, 84% of marriages were polygynous, 16% were monogamous, and less than half a percent were polyandrous. Learn more about the geography of these relationships.

Recreational Geography
Recreational geography is the study of how, where, and why people participate in recreation.

The Geography of Christmas
Christmas is a historic holiday that blends ancient pagan customs with the more recent universal traditions of Christianity. It is also an interesting trip around the world, a geographic story that originated in many places.

Food Deserts
Food deserts refer to geographic areas where people do not have easy access to food retailers. Learn all about food deserts and what is being done to eliminate these areas lacking grocery stores.

The Geography of Barbecue
Barbecue is the quintessential American food. Although it is often associated with the United States in popular culture, both the term barbecue and the process we know as barbecuing originated on islands in the Caribbean.

Geography of Beauty
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but perhaps it is more accurate to say that beauty is in the geography of the beholder as cultural ideals of beauty vary drastically by geography.

Fire and Ice: The Geography of Food Preservation
Societies in very hot and very cold regions on Earth used ingenious methods of spices and smoking, among others, to inhibit bacterial growth and thus delay food decay.

Hungarian and Finnish
Learn the fascinating story of how the Hungarian and Finnish languages evolved from a common ancestor language despite their geographic isolation.

Least Visited National Parks In the United States
Refer to this article to learn information about the ten least visited national parks in the U.S.

Seven Wonders of the Modern World
The American Society of Civil Engineers selected Seven Wonders of the Modern World, engineering marvels that exemplified the abilities of humans to construct amazing features on Earth. This seven-page document will guide you through these Seven Wonders of the Modern World and will describe each "wonder" and its positive impact.

The Gullah
Discover the African-American community of Gullah or Geechee in the South Carolina and Georgia region of the United States.

Learn all about Carnival, which takes place before Lent and is a time of celebration, parades, and parties! Find out about Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival around the world.

Most Visited National Parks
Most Visited National Parks: Refer to this list to learn information about the ten most visited national parks in the United States.

The Global Impacts of the Black Death
An overview of the impacts of the Black Death on the global population and how it spread in the fourteenth century.

Geography of Disney Resorts
Geography of Disney Parks and Resorts: Read this article to learn about Disney theme parks and resorts all over the world from Geography at About.com.

Languages of the European Union
Languages of the European Union: Refer to this list to learn the 23 official languages spoken in the European Union.

Nine Nations of North America
A simple overview of the concept of the Nine Nations of North America, based on the book of the same title by Joel Garreau.

Learn all about rangeland, its management, and how it is used for grazing, from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.

Human Geography
Human geography is one of the major branches of geography. Learn all about human geography through this overview from the expert About.com Geography GuideSite.

World Heritage Sites
An overview of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the world heritage program to preserve cultural sites around the world. An overview of the World Heritage Sites and program from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.

Cultural Geography - An Overview of Cultural Geography
Cultural geography is one of the major branches of geography. Learn all about cultural geography through this overview.

Bermuda Triangle
For over thirty years, the Bermuda Triangle has been popularly known for supposedly paranormal disappearances of boats and aircraft. This imaginary triangle, also known as "Devil's Triangle," has its three points at Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Find out more about this mysterious area.

Movies from Bollywood in India are sweeping the world. Discover more about the huge film industry in India that has made Bollywood so popular worldwide.

Culture Hearths and Cultural Diffusion
A discussion of the sources of culture (culture hearths), the regions of culture (culture regions), and the spread of culture (cultural diffusion) around the world, from the About.com Geography site.

Demographic Transition
The demographic transition model seeks to explain the transformation of countries from having high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates. In developed countries this transition began in the eighteenth century and continues today. Less developed countries began the transition later and are still in the midst of earlier stages of the model.

Environmental Determinism - The Controversy of Environmental …
An overview of the topic of environmental determinism, a controversial and often considered a racist topic that explained why people are the way they are based on their geographic surroundings.

All about the international language known as Esperanto, invented in 1887 by Polish physician L.L. Zamenhof.

Geography of Agriculture - An Overview of Agricultural Geography
Explore the geography of agriculture from the domestication of plants and animals to commercial agriculture, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

Geography of National Parks
An overview of national parks in the United States and around the world.

Geography of Pro Sports in America
This essay covers a topic that is very geographical and interesting, too! In mapping the distribution of professional sports, we yield fascinating results.

Geography of Sex
A bounty of facts and figures about sex around the world and in many countries - ranging from an increase in breast size to the frequency of sex to the age of first sexual intercourse. This article is intended for mature audiences only.

Geophagy - Eating Dirt
There's no way to get closer to our planet than to eat it. Learn about the topic of geophagy, which literally means "eating dirt."

Largest Shopping Malls
The largest shopping mall in the world, West Edmonton Mall, and the largest shopping mall in the United States, the Mall of America, each have an Internet site devoted to entice visitors to travel there. Additionally, both malls offer vacation packages for prospective tourists.

Lingua Franca - An Overview of Lingua Franca and Pidgins
An overview of languages known as lingua franca, pidgins, and creole. Learn about the development of languages as lingua france and the use of English as a worldwide lingua france.

Map Stops Cholera
This famous example of medical geography is the foundation of the discipline of epidemiology. Geographers and others use maps to map disease and to thus find cures and solutions to medical issues.

Medical Geography - An Overview and History of Medical Geography
A comprehensive overview of the subdiscipline of medical geography, including its history from ancient times to the present day and information about the latest in medical geography mapping.

Matt's Eastern European Vacation
In 1998, my wife and I took a tour through Eastern Europe, visiting Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, and Budapest. Here are a few of my geographical observations.

Cultural geography focuses on important locations of world religions. There are not many sites more important than Mecca.

Sherpa - The Sherpa People
Learn about the culture of the Sherpa of the Himalaya and Nepal, from your About.com Guide to Geography.

The Iditarod - A History and Overview of The Iditarod Race
A look at the Iditarod, the great race in Alaska. Includes an overview and history of the Iditarod rade.

Spatial Interaction
Learn all about spatial interation, the flow of products, people, services, or information among places, in response to localized supply and demand.

Geography of Summer Travel - Learn about Ten Popular Summer Travel Spots
As the summer months roll by people all over the world look for different travel destinations. Summer vacation spots range from exotic locales such as Africa to the more budget-friendly family trip to the beach or national park. After researching numberous travel websites, the same ten locations kept coming up as popular summer destinations. ...

World Health Organization
An overview of the history and international work of the World Health Organization, an arm of the United Nations.

Geography of St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations
St. Patrick's Day, while based on the memory of an Irish saint, has become a true global holiday that celebrates Irish culture through parades, food and drink, and religious services.

Finnish Culture of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Michigan is home to more Finnish Americans than any other state, with the majority of these calling the remote Upper Peninsula home. But how and why did they go to Michigan?

Development Geography
Development geography is a field of study that analyzes the unequal distribution of wealth and resources across the world and how this inequality affects various populations.

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