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Awards and Recognition

In October 2006, Matt Rosenberg was awarded the Excellence in Media Award from the National Council for Geographic Education for his contributions over the years to the discipline of geography.

Matt was selected as the first geographer featured in an "AAG Member Profile" in the AAG Newsletter (Association of American Geographers). You can find Matt's interview on page 22 of the July/August 2003 (volume 38, number 7) edition or online.

Geography at About.com was selected as one of Forbes Magazine's Best of the Web (February 2001)

Matt was interviewed as one of the Case Studies for the Internet Economy Indicators report of January 2001. It's the fourth report on measuring the Internet Economy commissioned by Cisco Systems.

Lightspan's StudyWeb (January 2001)

National Science Teachers Association
(December 2000)

Historian and author Stephen Ambrose quoted my review of his book on his home page. (August 2000)

November, 1999

Chosen for the Pacific Bell Knowedge Network of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the web, Blue Web N' (October, 1999)
Internet für Geographen
Geography at About.com is listed as the "number one starting point for geographers browsing the web" in the book, Internet für Geographen (German, Internet for Geographers), by Thomas Ott and Paul Tiedemann (1999).
Site of the Day (April 25, 1999) from Texas Internet Service Provider CityScope.
Access Internet Magazine rated this site four out of four stars (excellent), in their April 18-May 15, 1999 issue, distributed in 25 newspapers across the United States.
April, 1999
Open Directory
November, 1998
This site was featured in the August 20, 1998 edition of the Wall Steet Journal.

The July 2, 1998 edition of the Netherlands' Daily Planet email newsletter featured this site.

May, 1998
Top 5% in K-12 Education and the first site in the Earth Science category to be given the Star Rating - May, 1998
School Page Award
March, 1998
Geography World Gold Award
February, 1998

The World Atlas was featured in the online Dummies Daily newsletter on January 16, 1998:

"When it comes time to searching for maps on the Web, we can't think of a better way than to take advantage of the hard work done by others and in this case, that other is Matt T. Rosenberg at the Mining Co. His site provides links to some of the best maps (as well as other geography information) for continents, countries, states, and provinces world wide. Be sure to say, thanks Matt when you're through scooping the goods."
Newsbytes Newsbytes featured my site in their Internet Updates on December 3, 1997 and January 6, 1998.

My Central African Republic page is featured in America Online's International Channel for the Central African Republic forum (December, 1997) and my Honduras page is included in the International Channel for the North America / Travel forum (February, 1999).

This site was the first geography site of the month at the Association of American Geographers (May, 1997).

Argus This site has a four out of five checkmark rating in the Argus Clearinghouse, a central access point for value-added topical guides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources.(June, 1997)

Geography Site of the Week at the Rutgers Department of Geography (May 12-18, 1997).

Thomas Bros. Maps links to this site and says, "Wonderful design combined with some of the best content you will find anywhere on the 'net. Above all, entertaining and fun for everyone, even if you don't think you like geography. A must-bookmark." (1997)

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