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The United Nations - History, Organization, Functions - Geography
The United Nations is an international organization designed to make the enforcement of international law, security, economic development, social progress, ...
Overview of the United Nations Security Council - Geography
The United Nations Security Council is the most powerful body of the United Nations. The Security Council can authorize the deployment of troops from United ...
Member Countries of the United Nations - Geography - About.com
What follows is a listing of the 193 member countries of the United Nations with their date of admission. There are several countries that are not members of the ...
What Is the United Nations and Its Affect on US Ecoomy - US Economy
The United Nations, or UN, is an international organization of 192 member-states . It was founded in 1945 to prevent another world war. It is headquartered in ...
United Nations: Broadband is a Basic Human Right
A report from the Human Rights Council of the United Nations General Assembly declares access to the Internet a basic human right which enables individuals ...
United Nations Security Council Members - Geography - About.com
The United Nations Security Council votes to adopt a resolution imposing sanctions against North Korea June 12, 2009 in New York City. Mario Tama/Getty  ...
Non-Members of the United Nations - Geography - About.com
Find out which countries are non-members of the United Nations, from your About.com expert Guide to Geography.
How Many Countries Are in the World? - Geography
Taiwan was actually a member of the United Nations (and even the Security Council) until 1971, when mainland China replaced Taiwan in the organization.
United Nations - Information About the United Nations - World News
Here you'll find a gathering of articles, photos and information about the United Nations.
United Nations and Related International Organizations
The foreign policy of all nations is played out on the United Nations' stage. And the United States is the single most dominant player. These resources are the ...
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