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The Portuguese Empire - Geography - About.com
Learn all about the Portuguese Empire which spanned the globe just a few hundred years ago. Learn about the Portuguese Empire from this Geography at ...
The Dutch Empire: Three Centuries on Five Continents - Geography
Learn about the exploration and global trade empire based in The Netherlands ... Brazil and Guyana, before they became Portuguese and British, respectively.
A History of the Age of Exploration - Geography - About.com
When the Ottoman Empire took control of Constantinople in 1453, it blocked ... with the Age of Discovery were conducted by the Portuguese under Prince Henry  ...
Portugal - Historical Setting - Empire in Asia - Medieval History
Empire in Asia. Having discovered the sea route to India, Manuel organized successive fleets to that region in order to establish Portuguese commercial ...
Mozambique Timeline -- Part 2 - African History - About.com
Soshangane also raided Portuguese settlements at Delagoa Bay, Inhambane, ... an huge slave trading empire, selling to Arab traders on the North African route.
Dom Pedro I, First Emperor of Brazil
Wishing to avoid the fate of the ruling family of Spain, who were “guests” of Napoleon, the Portuguese royal family and court fled to Brazil. Queen Maria, Prince ...
Guinea-Bissau -- A Very Short History of Guinea-Bissau
In 1446 the first of many Portuguese explorers reached the coast, landing near ... to the Portuguese Empire) Guinea-Bissau was formally granted independence.
Ultramar Português - African History - About.com
Ultramar Português (Portuguese Overseas Empire), also known as the Império Português (Portuguese Empire) or Império Colonial Português (Portuguese ...
11 November 1975 – Angola Gains Independence - African History
Nov 11, 2007 ... Slavery continued after it was legally abolished within the Portuguese empire in 1875, under the disguise of forced labor on coastal plantations.
West African Independence - African History - About.com
A chronology of colonization and independence.: gazetteer index muslim empire republic of guinea bissau republic of liberia portuguese guinea.
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