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Portugal's Global Empire - Geography - About.com
Learn all about the Portuguese Empire which spanned the globe just a few hundred years ago. Learn about the Portuguese Empire from this Geography at ...
The Dutch Empire: Three Centuries on Five Continents - Geography
Learn about the exploration and global trade empire based in The Netherlands ... Brazil and Guyana, before they became Portuguese and British, respectively.
Geography of Portugal - Learn Information about the Country of ...
Shortly thereafter many Portuguese explorers made expeditions to Brazil, India and Japan and Portugal became a colonial empire with territories all over the ...
Portugal - Historical Setting - Empire in Asia - Medieval History
Online text of the History of Portugal; public domain document that you may copy, download, print and distribute as you see fit. Page Twenty-two: Empire in Asia.
Dom Pedro I, First Emperor of Brazil
Dom Pedro I (1798-1834) was the first Emperor of Brazil and was also Dom Pedro IV, King of Portugal. He is best remembered as the man who declared Brazil ...
11 November 1975 – Angola Gains Independence - African History
Nov 11, 2007 ... Slavery continued after it was legally abolished within the Portuguese empire in 1875, under the disguise of forced labor on coastal plantations.
Mozambique Timeline - African History - About.com
1869, Portugal abolishes slavery in its empire. 1875, Despite Portuguese objections, British missionaries settle in the Shire Highlands. 1880s, Portuguese  ...
Guinea-Bissau -- A Very Short History of Guinea-Bissau
In 1446 the first of many Portuguese explorers reached the coast, landing near ... to the Portuguese Empire) Guinea-Bissau was formally granted independence.
Ultramar Português - African History - About.com
Ultramar Português (Portuguese Overseas Empire), also known as the Império Português (Portuguese Empire) or Império Colonial Português (Portuguese ...
Guinea-Bissau Timeline - African History - About.com
1446, First Portuguese explorer reaches region and lands near to what is now ... by Portugal as a result of the collapse of the Portuguese Empire (the Carnation ...
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