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World Population - Current and Historic Counts
Discover the current world population and historic world population totals and growth since the year one, from your About.com Guide to Geography.
China: Population Growth of the World's Largest Country - Geography
China's current population and information about Chinese population growth, from your About.com Guide to Geography.
The Current Population of the U.S.A. - Geography - About.com
The current USA population is above 300 million and expected to rise. Learn about the population of the USA from your About.com expert Guide to Geography .
United States Population Through History - Geography - About.com
The first decennial census in the United States showed a population of just under four million people. Today, the U.S. population is estimated at more than 310 ...
The Population of California - Current & Historical - Geography
California has been the most populous state in the United States officially since the 1970 Census when population of California (19,953,134) exceeded the ...
What Is the Population of India Currently? - Geography - About.com
Obtain information about the population of India currently and population projections into the future for India's population. This article about India's population ...
Overview of Population Growth Rates - Geography - About.com
Population growth rates and doubling times are fascinating demographic variables that are used to estimate a country's future population, from your About. com ...
The Most Populous Countries in the World - Geography - About.com
A listing of the largest countries by population. The 24 most populous countries in the world with a population greater than 50 million people, from your ...
Most Populous Countries in 2100 - Geography - About.com
A listing of the twenty most populous countries in the year 2100, based on United Nations population projections for 2100. This list is from the About.com ...
Population of Arizona According to the U.S. Census - Phoenix
What is the population of Arizona? Find out how many people live in Arizona and how the population of AZ has changed.
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