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Oceans of the World - Geography - About.com
Geography of the oceans of the world, from your About.com Guide.
The Southern Ocean - the New Fifth Ocean - Geography - About.com
The Southern Ocean extends from the coast of Antarctica north to 60 degrees south latitude. The Southern Ocean is now the fourth largest of the world's five ...
Geography of the World's Oceans - List of the World's Five Oceans
Geography of the World's Oceans: Check out this list to learn about the five oceans of the world from Geography at About.com.
How many oceans are on earth? - Geography - About.com
Although the oceans of the earth are all connected and truly one "World Ocean," most often the world is divided into four major "oceans" - the Pacific Ocean, ...
Political Geography and Ownership of the Oceans
The control and ownership of the oceans has long been a controversial topic. Since ancient empires began to sail and trade over the seas, command of coastal  ...
Trash Islands - the Ocean Garbage Patch - Geography - About.com
As our global population expands so too does the amount of trash we produce. A large portion of this trash then ends up in the world's oceans. Due to oceanic ...
Earth's Oceans - Geography and Species - Marine Life - About.com
Do you know the names of the world's oceans? Here you'll find a list of the oceans of the world, along with where the oceans are found and how big they are .
Why Is the Ocean Blue? - Blue or Green Color of the Ocean
Jul 16, 2014 ... Have you ever wondered why the ocean is sometimes another color, like green, instead of blue? Here's the science behind the color of the sea.
An Overview of Ocean Currents and How They Circulate - Geography
Learn about ocean currents and how they circulate water in the oceans around the planet, from the About.com geography site.
Why Is the Ocean Salty? - Chemistry - About.com
Apr 22, 2014 ... Have you ever wondered why the ocean is salty? Have you wondered why lakes might not be salty? Here's a look at what makes the ocean ...
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