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Middle East Map - Geography and Maps of Middle East
Geography and maps of the Middle East. Comprehensive maps of Middle East and geographical information from the About.com expert geography site.
Middle East News and Issues on About.com
Find all the latest developments in Middle East news, issues, opinion, politics, relations, culture and media.
Authentic Middle Eastern Food Recipes
Learn how to make authentic middle eastern food like pita bread, hummus, and baba ghanoush in your home with these simple recipes.
Middle Eastern Food Introduction - About.com
The Middle East is a group of countries that range from North Africa though Asia. The food of each region is unique as it tells a story of the past. You will find that ...
Middle East 101 - Middle East News and Issues on About.com
Understand the basics of the Middle East quickly and objectively: Geography, people, demographics, politics, and history before and after Islam, with emphasis  ...
Iraq War Effect on the Middle East
Let's have a look at the Middle East ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Did the region change the way its planners intended? What was the ...
Middle Eastern Food and Culture 101 - About.com
Discover the traditions and culture of Middle Eastern food, a cuisine rich in tradition and history. Learn the spices and how each is different according to region ...
Current Situation in the Middle East
Who's in power in the Middle East, what kind of political systems are emerging, and what are the latest developments?
Glossary for the Middle East, Islam and the Arab World - Index
Glossary of terms, concepts, customs, traditions, people and places most commonly used in connection with the greater Middle East, Islam and the Arab World, ...
Middle East Jokes - Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Jokes - Political Humor
Late-night jokes about the Middle East crisis and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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