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Map Projections - Geography - About.com
Map Projections. It is impossible to accurately represent the spherical surface of the earth on a flat piece of paper. While a globe can represent the planet ...
Mercator Projection - Geography
Latitude & Longitude • Map Projections ... Like the Peters map, the grid is rectangular and lines of latitude and longitude are all parallel. The Mercator map was ...
Peters Projection - Geography - About.com
A discussion of the Peters projection map and its supposed invention by Dr. Arno ... land of equal area equally, all map projections distort the shape of the earth, ...
Alternatives to the Mercator Projection and Peters Projection
Map Projections ... Compromise projections like the Robinson or Winkle Tripel present the world in a more globe-like look and are strongly encouraged by ...
Do Maps Create or Represent Reality? - Geography - About.com
Apr 27, 2002 ... I'm not talking about consulting the coffee-stained map that makes its ... the most recognized projections; these include the Mercator, the Peters, ...
Propaganda Maps - Geography - About.com
Mapmakers utilized misleading map projections to their advantage in the Cold War as well. The Mercator Projection, which distorts land areas, exaggerated the  ...
How Maps Can Deceive Us - Geography - About.com
Map projections , which accomplish this task, inevitably distort some spatial properties, and must be chosen based on the property that the mapmaker wishes to ...
John Paul Goode - Geography - About.com
Dr. Goode devised a useful map projection that changed the way maps were made ... Around 1916, he fused the Homolographic and Sinusoidal projections and ...
What Is a Map? Basic Information About Maps - Geography
There are several types of map projections, as well as several methods used to achieve these projections. Each projection is most accurate at its center point ...
Gerardus Mercator - Inventors - About.com
A map projection is used to portray all or part of the round Earth on a flat surface. ... Mercator Projection · Map Projections · Geography Home Page - Geography ...
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