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2000 Census State-By-State Counts
U.S. Census Bureau Releases State Populations and Apportionment Data
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by Matt T. Rosenberg
December 28, 2000

The United States Census Bureau released the official results of each state's population based on the complete count of the 2000 Census and announced that the official population of the United States is 281,421,906 (compared to 248,709,873 in 1990). In addition, the Bureau reapportioned the 435 Congressional seats of the House of Representatives among the fifty states. Eight states gained seats in Congress and ten states lost representation.

Of the eight states that gained Congressional seats, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas gained two seats while California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Nevada gained one seat. Two states lost two seats (Pennsylvania and New York) while eight other states lost one seat - Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. (apportionment map)

Washington D.C. was the only state or territory to lose population, with a 1990 population of 606,900 and a 2000 population of 572,059, there was a net loss of 34,841 people, a decrease of 5.7%. Western and Sunbelt states continued to have dramatic increases in population. Nevada's population increased a phenomenal 66.3% between 1990 and 2000 (from 1,201,833 in 1990 to 1,998,257 in 2000). Other states that saw hefty gains include Arizona (40%), Colorado (30.6%), Utah (29.6%), Idaho (28.5%), and Georgia (26.4%). The growth of the United States as a whole was 13.15%. (percent change map)

Eight states saw a net growth of more than one million people - Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington. (numeric change map)

California grew by more than 4 million since 1990 and remained the nation's most populous state with 33,871,648 residents. Texas officially bypassed New York to become America's second most populous state with 20,851,820 residents (over New York at 18,976,457). Wyoming is the least populous state with 493,782 residents.

Detailed census data will become available over the next few months to allow states to redistrict their number of Congressional seats for the 2002 election of the 108th Congress, which convenes in January 2003. By law, the states must receive this data by April 1, 2001.

For additional data and information about the Census 2000 state results, visit the following resources...


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