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Ocean Currents

This is a listing of the seventeen major surface ocean currents.

Agulhas Current Indian Warm
Alaska Current North Pacific Warm
Benguela Current South AtlanticWarm/Cool
Brazil Current South AtlanticWarm
California Current North PacificCool
Canaries Current North AtlanticCool
East Australian Current South PacificWarm
Equitorial Current PacificWarm
Gulf Stream North AltanticWarm
Humboldt (Peru) Current South PacificCool
Kuroshio (Japan) Current North PacificWarm
Labrador Current North AtlanticCool
North Atlantic Drift North AtlanticWarm
North Pacific Drift North PacificWarm
Oyashio (Kamchatka) Current North PacificCool
West Australian Current IndianCool
West Wind Drift South PacificCool

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