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Product Summary
National Geographic Road Atlas
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Vivid color and topographical shading
•  Excellent detail of states and cities
•  Thorough coverage of the country
Cons  •  Not good if looking for a specific address
The Bottom Line - A fantastic road atlas that you will find indispensable whether you're driving near home or on a long road trip.

Product Description
•  Paperback, 144 pages, approximately 15 inches by 11 inches.
•  Includes each U.S. state, Canadian province, and Mexico.
•  Provides a plethora of landmarks and points of interest for the traveler.
Guide Review
National Geographic Road Atlas
This is a fantastic road atlas! Mapquest.com teamed up with the National Geographic Society to develop an atlas willed with beautiful and informative road maps of North America.

Each state and province map includes vivid color and shading that provide an excellent indication of terrain and topography. Local maps of over 200 cities provide a great overview of the city and are often all you'll need to navigate around town. You can use this atlas and this atlas alone to take a road trip nearby or across the country.

When I’ve used the atlas, I’ve found the mileage indications, route information, inclusion of almost every town along the road, and point of interests extremely valuable. Furthermore, the atlas is spiral-bound, allowing much more wear-and-tear than most road atlases.

This atlas is a wonderful resource for travel and for home reference; don’t hit the road without it!

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