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Which U.S. states are the farthest north, south, east, and west?

Fascinatingly, Alaska is the state that is farthest north, east, and west while Hawaii is farthest south. The reason that Alaska is farthest east and west is due to the fact that the Aleutian Islands cross the 180° meridian of longitude, placing some of the islands actually in the Eastern Hemisphere and thus degrees east of Greenwich (and the Prime Meridian).

However, for practical (and non-riddle) purposes, the easternmost state is Maine, the northernmost and westernmost is Alaska, and the southernmost is Hawaii.

If you're only considering the 48 contiguous (lower) states, the easternmost state is Maine, the northernmost is Minnesota (the Angle Inlet of northern Minnesota at 49°23'N is north of the 49° boundary between the U.S. and Canada and well north of any point in Maine, no matter how the maps looks), the westernmost state is Washington, and the southernmost state is Florida.


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