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General Geography FAQ Index

Are there any famous people who studied geography?
How can I remember the difference between latitude and longitude?
How do you find an antipode or point on the opposide side of the earth?
How fast does the earth spin?
How fast is the world's population growing?
How many continents are on the earth?
How many countries are members of the United Nations?
How many countries are on earth?
How many oceans are on earth?
How old is the earth?
What are political and physical maps?
What does the word geography mean?
What is a topographic map?
What is the circumference of the earth?
What is the diameter of the earth?
What is the difference between relative and absolute location?
What is the distance between a degree of latitude and longitude?
What is the population of the world?
What is the third world?
Where is zero degrees latitude and zero degrees longitude?
Which hemisphere am I in?
Who was the inventor of geography?
Why is an atlas called an atlas?


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