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Which hemisphere am I in?

The earth is divided into four hemispheres (the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western) each representing one-half of the earth.

There is a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern Hemisphere that are divided by the equator. All of North America and Europe, along with most of Asia, northern South America and northern Africa, are part of the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere includes Australia, Antarctica, most of South America, and southern Africa.

The earth is also divided into an Eastern Hemisphere and a Western Hemisphere. The usual division of these hemispheres is at 0 degrees longitude (through the United Kingdom) and 180° longitude (through the Pacific Ocean, near the International Date Line). Some also consider the Eastern and Western Hemispheres to be divided at 20° West (through Iceland) and 160° East (again in the middle of the Pacific Ocean). With either set of boundaries, the Eastern Hemisphere includes Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand while the Western Hemisphere includes the Americas (i.e. "The New World").


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