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Library of Congress Classification System

M - Music

MInstrumental and Vocal Music.
MLLiterature of Music.
MTMusical Instruction and Study.

1 . A1-A15Music Printed or Copied in Manuscript in the United States or the Colonies Before 1860
2-2.3Collections of Musical Scores
3-3.1Collected Works of Individual Composers
3.3First Editions
5-1490Instrumental Music
6-175.5Solo Instruments
176Instrumental Music for Motion Pictures
176.5Instrumental Music for Radio and Television
177-990Music for Two or More Solo Instruments
900-986Nonets and Larger Combinations of Purely Chamber Music
990Chamber Music for Instruments of the 18th Century and Earlier
1100-1160String Orchestra
1270Fife (Bugle) and Drum Music, Field Music, etc.
1350-1353Reduced Orchestra
1356-1356.2Dance Orchestra and Instrumental Ensembles
1360Mandolin and Similar Orchestras od Pleactral Instruments
1362Accordion Band
1365Ministrel Music
1366Jazz Ensembles
1375-1420Instrumental Music
1450Dance Music
1470Chance Compositions
1473Electronic Music
1480Music with Color Apparatus, etc.
1490Music, Printed or Copied in Manuscript, Before 1700
1495-5000Vocal Music
1497-1998Secular Vocal Music
1500-1527.8Dramatic Music
1528-1529.5Duets, Trios, etc. for Solo Voices
1530-1546.5Choruses with Orchestra or Other Ensemble
1547-1600Choruses, Part-Songs, etc. With Accompaniment of Keyboard or Other Solo Instrument, or Unaccompanied
1608Choruses, etc. in Tonic Sol-Fa Notation
1609Unison Choruses with or Without Accompaniment of Every Kind
1610Cantatas, Choral Symphonies, etc for Unaccompanied Chorus (Secular and Sacred) With or Without Solo Voices
1611-1624.8Songs for One Voice
1625-1626Recitations, Gesprochene Lieder, With Accompaniment
1627-1853National Music
1900-1980Songs (Part and Solo) of Special Character
1985Musical Games
1990-1998Secular Music for Children
1999-2199Sacred Vocal Music
2018-2019.5Duets, Trios, etc. for Solo Voices
2020-2036Choruses, Cantatas, etc.
2060-2101.5Choruses, Part-Songs, etc. With Accompaniment of Keyboard or Other Solo Instrument
2102-2114.8Songs for One Voice
2115-2146Hymn, Psalm, and Choral Books
2147-2188Liturgy and Ritual
2147-2155.6Roman Catholic
2156-2160.87Orthodox Churches
2161-2183Protestant Churches
2184Other Christian Churches
2188Other Non-Christian Regigions
2190-2196Sacred Vocal Music for Children
2198-2199Temperance, Revival, Rescue, and Gospel Songs
5000Unidentified Compositions
ML1-3930Literature of Music
48-54.8Texts for Music
155-158Sound Recordings
159-3799History and Critcism
410Composer Biographies
459-1380Instruments and Instrumental Music
1100-1380Chamber and Orchestral Music, Band (Military Music), Electronic Music
1400-3275Vocal Music
1500-1554Choral Music (Sacred and Secular)
1600-2881Secular Vocal Music
2900-3275Sacred Vocal Music
3400-3465Dance Music
3469-3541Popular Music
3544-3776National Music
3800-3923Philosophy and Physics of Music
3928-3930Juvenile Literature
MT1-960Musical Instruction and Study
70-86Orchestra and Orchestration
90-146Analytical Guides, etc.
170-810Instrumental Techniques
820-949Singing and Voice Culture
955-960Production of Operas, Music in Theaters

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